Wood Furniture Care and Maintenance

Cleaning wood furniture can be tricky. You will have to be worried about streaks, chemicals that eat through the finish, stuff that contain both wood and fabric, etc. There are ways to make it easier. Make sure you use a very clean damp, cloth. Make use of lemon oil to keep the wood from drying out. And avoid furniture polish since it leaves a dull coating on the wood.

– Clean your wood furniture often to keep the surfaces smooth and bright. Use a soft cloth to keep from scratching the wood. When dusting, always dust with the grain of the wood. If your furniture gets dirty, try cleaning it with a soft cloth drenched in warm water. If it does not work, make use of a mild soapy water solution on your cloth, and check out it again. Keeping wood furniture dry can also be essential. In the event the wood gets wet, it can cause the finish to peel or fade, and can actually warp the wood. Be sure to wipe up any spills once you are able. Do not let them dry or you might end up with a permanent stain.


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– In an effort to eliminate scuff on furniture, place objects on trivets, tablecloths, doilies or others covers to protect the finish. Make use of felt bottoms on lamps and also other decorative objects especially ceramic objects because they’re really abrasive. Keep away from bright red felt simply because its color could leach to the wood through the finish. Make use of water based wood glue to stick the felt on objects. Quite a few chemicals in self-stick adhesives used on felt might cause a reaction that softens or melts the finish. Make use of place mats or a table cloth to protect the finish from plates and silverware.

– To protect the surface of the wood, you can use a wax. Before embarking on using wax it is important to note the kind of finish on the piece of furniture and if a particular wax will complement or damage your furniture. The item may become develop a dull surface after using wax many times and therefore it is wise to get the advice of professionals.

Purchasing wood home furniture can be a major investment, so it will be important to look after it routinely. Wood furniture care comes in numerous forms be it taking care of current furniture or even new furniture. In case you have new wooden furniture, clean it regularly and utilize the correct products for it to avoid causing any damage over time. With these simple tips in mind you can rest assured that your furniture can last a long time whilst looking as good as new.