Why Consider Stairlifts

Walking up and down the stairs is a thing which is often ignored when we are young. As we bound up the steps 2 at a time, we don’t realize that for some the steps show a large obstacle. If you can not easily or safely use the stairs at home, you may be tempted to avoid the upstairs areas and could even consider selling your home. These option is pointless should you own a stair lift.

A stair lift is a mobility aid that’s put in to a staircase and is used to carry a person up and down the staircase. In most cases a strong aluminum track is secured straight to the stairs. Connected to the track is a car unit that consists of an electric motor and a chair or small platform. The car travels up and down the stairs on the track which enable it to support one rider.

(C) Age UK Mobility

(C) Age UK Mobility

Essentially, you can buy a straight model if your staircase is straight or a curved one if your staircase turns, has a middle landing, or has any king of obstruction on the stairs. Curved stair lifts must be custom made, take a long time to set up and are expensive. A straight unit includes a chair that’s mounted on a straight track in which runs the entire length of the stairs. The track is installed on the stair treads – never the wall – and most brands can be found in lengths between 16 and 20 feet. A motor then pulls the chair along the track. Older systems tended to make use of cables (the Bruno stair lift still does) but most new lifts now use rack and pinion as there is less deterioration and you have a tendency to get a smoother ride.

Curved stairlifts are those, that are custom-built for individual customers. They are made by the companies to fulfil the needs of their individual customers, in line with the type of staircases they’ve got. Suppose a structure includes a staircase that’s curved and is built in a unique design. Right now, only those stairlifts may fit on such stairs, that are specifically designed for them. Curved stair lifts are the solution to such a problem. Even though, they could be much more pricey than the normal stairlifts, those are the only option for such staircases.

The convenience and satisfaction stair lifts give their users is irreplaceable. The aged and the handicapped are given a wider range of freedom and they also could essentially be independent when it comes to mobility in the house.


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