What Makes A Quartz Countertop Special?

The most common home makeovers currently is the kitchen, followed closely by the master bath. In the kitchen makeovers mostly entail the appliances, the flooring, the cupboards and the countertops, while the bathroom may include a number of changes, but unavoidably, the countertops. In fact, there is just something special about having beautiful countertops – particularly when they are an easy to maintain material like quartz.

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1) Price

In case your kitchen is large and contains plenty of counter space, then your budget can quickly rise. If you choose quartz, you aren’t left figuring out whether or not to compromise a fantastic look for a reasonable price.

2) Durability

A man-made product, these counters are created by mixing 93 percent of the natural stone (which is the 2nd most abundant material in the earth’s crust) with 7 percent resin binder. The result is a sturdy stone that is essentially stronger than granite or marble, that happen to be quarried from the earth as a single chuck. But do not let the toughness scare you off – it’s still shaped, cut, and finished using the same stone-cutting equipment.

3) Non-porous

Both granite and marble are porous stones, composed of tiny capillary channels found between the minerals. Any staining product, such as red wine, could possibly result in permanent staining to these stones. Quartz, on the other hand, is very stain resistant, making it simpler to maintain in the kitchen or bathroom.

4) Sanitary

This natural product is non-penetrable that makes it suitable for places that are subject to bacteria like the kitchen or bathroom. In other penetrable materials, bacteria could percolate in the countertop and remain in there, for that reason would only signify it can be moved towards your food or yourself making you become sick.

5) Cleaning

The ability to provide a wipe with warm water and dry it and know that your worktop is as good as new is massively appealing to many owners. With busy lifestyles, we don’t have the time to spend hours sealing and caring for our worktops, and that’s why this material has become one of the biggest sellers throughout the world.


Granite and marble countertops should be sealed regularly to stop staining and the growth of bacteria. In contrast to its counterparts, quartz doesn’t involve sealing or any routine maintenance to maintain its beauty and performance.

You can’t fail with the look, durability, or eco-friendly feature of quartz, that rivals granite in price and now exceeds it in popularity. How it looks really is dependent upon the quality of the installation, work with a supplier who gives top quality materials and seasoned installers.

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