Types of Bedroom Dressers

A bedroom is not complete without having a dresser. In any room, dresser became one of the furniture that you could easily observe inside. Dressers are available in different sizes, structure and styles and so they could vary depending on the price.

If you are searching dependable dresser that works strictly as storage or maybe just a stylish dresser with mirror, you ought to know that various kinds of it to ensure that you’ll have the best dresser. By being aware of what you require in a dresser and conducting a little research before going buying, you’re able to find the appropriate dresser efficiently. So below, we’ll go over the most typical dresser types that you might want to think about for your room.

Long Dresser

If you would like something adequate enough to accommodate your things and stand out in your room, then long dressers are for you. Obtained from the name itself, these kinds of dressers are also good in filling empty wall spaces in your room so there’s no need for you to visualize interior decors to set into your wall. Alos, they are frequently made with mirrors on it.

The more expensive long dresser may be created from mahogany or maple while the more affordable ones are built from pine or oak wood. There’s no limit on the type of design you can go for and you can color the wood in different color to fit your overall bedroom theme.

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(C) Pinterest

Tall Dresser

As indicated by the name, tall dressers are taller and more slim. They provide quite a lot of storage capacity without having to take up an excessive amount of bedroom space themselves. These too come in different designs to suit your preference.

Wardrobe Armoires

Wardrobe armoire is a tall and wide dresser that simply great for 1 to 2 persons use. It comes with a door and rails or hooks for hanging clothes on the top part as well as pull-out drawers for folded clothing or any other things below. Its size commonly ranges from 4 to 6 feet.

Storage Chest Dresser

Storage chests are perfect options to full-sized dressers as you can keep smaller garments neatly contained without needlessly losing precious space in a bedroom. A growing number of people are making use of storage chests for such items like undergarments. Yet, what causes them to be much more handy is that almost anything can be stored in them–from multimedia items to stitching accessories.

Double Dresser

This can be probably the most widely used bedroom furniture dressers today. Double dressers are short and wide with lots of drawers – the variety of drawers will usually vary from six to nine, arranged in rows of twos or threes. Some double dressers come with a dressing mirror linked on top or hanging right above. Should you be looking for high capacity storage, then a double dresser will probably do the trick.

Custom Made Dresser

There are cases that a purchasers cannot locate the dresser that they are looking for. Its not all that you see in the magazines or internet are readily available in your local store. While you can order online, you can even have it customized or ask any furniture store to perform the specific design that you would like. You can just show the picture of sample or explain to them the attributes that you like. However, you need a little extra money because these types of order are a bit costly compared to the readily available ones.


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