Tiny House Building Checklist

The Tiny House movement is catching on across North America and around the world. Do a search on the internet for “Tiny House” and you’ll find quite a bit of information. It seems this tiny house trend is catching on all across the world.


On this page I hope to outline the majority of the steps that I have taken to build my tiny house in order to help other people who are building tiny houses. It will also serve as a working list for myself during the building process. This list acts as a broad overview of how to build a tiny house. I will detail in depth everything on this page as I complete each aspect of the build. If you have ideas for improvements, let me know through the Contact page.

Before You Build


  • Determine your true needs: Info here
  • Select site
  • Talk with other tiny house people: Info here
  • Create rough floor plan
  • Determine major features
  • Draw up or purchase plans
  • Create budget
  • Address top 5 barriers: Barriers, Solutions Part I, Solutions Part II
  • Start skill building: Getting Started Guide


  • Trailer – My Trailer
  • Windows – Info here
  • Lumber
  • Tools – Basic Tools I Used
  • Appliances
  • Knowledgeable friends
  • Professionals

Consider Access

  • Consider when you need to bring in your mattress, appliances, shower stall, toilet, furniture
  • Make sure big things can fit through door or windows!


  • Site selection
  • Leveling
  • Remove decking – I decided to get a higher weight rated trailer, so I left these on
  • Cut off extras – More on the Trailer
  • Weld on anchors – Anchoring the Tiny House


See more: http://thetinylife.com/ryans-tiny-house/tiny-house-building-checklist/

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