The Benefits of Gas Logs

“Gas log sets make it possible to simulate the experience with remarkable realism. Not only are fire-resistant gas logs remarkably true-to-life in appearance, but they also provide a very inexpensive way to enjoy a fire in your home. There are many styles available which will nicely complement all types of home décor. The benefits of gas logs are many. Let’s look at a few of them.”

Instead of kneeling at the fireplace fighting splinters, the draft and wet wood, thinking about installing a set of gas logs for your fireplace to enjoy the glow and heat of a fire without the extra work. Gas logs have another benefit– they optionally burn bright with no heat, creating ambiance and keeping you cool in the summer.

Fuel up and Go

A gas log set is comprised of a gas burner covered by fake firewood made from refractory cement, ceramic fibers or ceramic clay. Each set also includes a burner system and a grate. Because gas logs can be used in an existing wood burning fireplace, installation requirements are minimal. Of course, professional installation is recommended and a source of either natural gas or propane must be readily available…


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