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The importance of soil testing to your garden

The quantity and quality of what you could develop in your garden is determined by the quality of its soil. Plants are only as healthy as the soil they may be grown in. If you would like plant a healthy garden filled with beautiful flowers and positive things to eat, then you need fertile, well-drained soil.”

Tennessee Valley Authority fertilizer demonstration, 1942.

Plants feed themselves. With themselves. It’s true: as the fruit or seed, fallen leaves, and other debris from a plant decomposes, the nutrients plants needs to grow are released back into the soil. In this way, the soil food web operates at 100% efficiency, which is to say, it produces no waste. Human beings can affect this system, however, in many ways. Gardening is one of those ways.

When nutrients leave soil in the form of harvested flowers or vegetables, those nutrients need to be replaced, and the way to do that is by fertilizing. But fertilizing is serious business. Too little won’t benefit plants sufficiently and too much can damage the environment. In order to fertilize properly, a gardener must know what nutrients are needed and in what quantity, and that’s where soil testing comes in.

The following are some tips to help gardeners manage the soil testing process from Jeff Lowenfels, author of Teaming with Nutrients


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How to Choose a Potting Soil

“If you’re a new gardener, choosing soil for potted plants from the many types of potting soil available in garden centers can feel a bit overwhelming. However, once you have some knowledge of the basic components of potting soil and the most common potting soil ingredients, you can select the best product for your particular needs.”

Choose the right potting soil is easy when you know your plants' needs.

Potting soil comes in many types and textures. The best soil for your needs depends on the kind of plants in your garden and the specific properties of the soil. Many plants benefit from rich, loamy soil; but some prefer sandy soils, and pH preferences also vary. “Soilless” potting mixes contain everything that your potted plants need and are used in the same way. Understanding the types and properties of potting soil mixes can help you choose the right potting mix for your container gardens…


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