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Creating French Country Style Home Decor

You don’t need to be an interior designer or French expert to create the French country style to your home. Even if you have not frequented rural France you could still obtain the look by doing a bit of research.


For colors, you should think blues and yellows. Earth tones of green like grass green are good to utilize. Should you use shades of red, bright is the word, and soft shades of gold may also work. Floral patterns are nice, and anything that brings in a touch of the countryside. You would like to achieve the look of a manor in France.


With a rustic appeal and old-world comfort the French country still is straightforward to replicate. To copy the French country look you might find in a cottage in rural France you should have a combination of gemstone floors, rooster motifs, carved wood furniture, wrought iron furnishings, plastered-surface walls painted or washed in butter-yellow paint.


Opt for a flooring that resembles ” old world ” living. Stone is very good, and a few types of artificial stone could also work. Brick is a wonderful material for floors. If you would like wood floors, it may be old wood that appears like it has seen many traffic over the years. Any type of flooring that provides an old world welcome and warmth should be considered. It’s a good touch to include rugs, and they might be from simple materials like cotton or wool.


Soft pastels are good for the walls, and you may even embellish them with stenciled French country elements like sunflowers, fruits or roosters. Any kind of wall hangings need to continue the rural appeal, and pictures framed in antiqued wood or wrought iron create a great centerpiece. Chipped pitchers also are a great accessory for your French country decor. Make use of an old ceramic pitcher that’s cracked or chipped to hold herbs, sunflowers or other natural greenery from the back yard. The idea would be to provide your home a rural, comfortable effect.


Adding a few beautiful area rugs to your residence may bring in another touch. Try to find ornate rugs with winding grapevines in warm colors. You might like to go with a rug with a classic blue shade and tiny gold yellow accents. Floral rugs are a fantastic option for this design also. Floral rugs can be found in every size, shape, and color imaginable. Get creative and pick the perfect rug to add a touch of softness to your space.

The most important thing with regards to selecting furniture and decorating with it is to have fun. If you are overwhelmed, get a second opinion. There are lots of companies that specialize in French Country decor. You ought not have trouble finding an interior decorator to help you select some pieces for your French country house.


15 Orange Bedroom Designs

“If you overdo orange in any room, it can really look drab. Yes commercial buildings are commonly seen with these color but only a few incorporates orange in their home. If you want to experiment with this color in your home, here are some bedroom designs that you can get some inspiration.”


We are going to give you a one of a kind experience today. This featured color is rarely used in bedroom designs, yet, we still want to give it a shot and show you how adorable this color is. We are certain that there are people who love this color and may actually love this article but for those who will find this hue bothersome, we dare you to see our gallery before you tell all your friends that this color cannot really work with your bedroom interiors.

Orange is said to be a color of playfulness and creativity. Since it is the beautiful combination of the warm yet energetic red and fun and happy yellow, it is truly a color of joy, warmth and passion. It is stimulating and exciting yet can be soothing and pleasant too. This color is bold making people hesitant to choose it for their interiors, that is why we have collected 15 Orange Bedroom Designs. This is for those people who wanted to use this interesting hue but have never gotten the courage to. See for yourself and let us know what you think.

Orange Bedroom

Orange Bedroom

Image: mcgooglesThe soft orange hue creates a calming effect in this airy and open bedroom design.


Red And Orange

Red And Orange

Image: geranPops of orange and red in furniture create a fun and vivacious atmosphere in this otherwise-white bedroom.




Image: FlashDecorThe wall in a reddish orange hue is a bold statement on its own yet its warmth is soothing. It looks good against the white accents in this room.


Astoria Guest Retreat

Astoria Guest Retreat

Image: Domicile Interior DesignDifferent colors, patterns and textures are used here against the orange wall and look how it turned out? It turned out dreamy with a sense of flamboyant and exotic feel.


Hillside Sanctuary

Hillside Sanctuary

Image: Kimball Starr Interior DesignTangerine blends nicely with the darker shade of the bed and is not overpowering. The addition of colorful pillows against the neutral bedding creates equilibrium to the whole scheme.


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