Styling a Perfect Romantic Bedroom For Couples

The bedroom is a lot more than just the place where you sleep at night. It is also a palace of love, a lair of beauty and intimacy. Decorating your bedroom with a romantic flair takes some time and consideration and of course needs to entice all five of your senses. A truly romantic bedroom need to be well planned and entice both sexes. Whenever embellishing this room, it’s beneficial to remember to incorporate some passion to the place, which can be attained with a few simple details.”

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Many people use their bedrooms as a romantic getaway inside their home. Intimate evenings need a warm and romantic bedroom. If furnishing this room, it’s valuable to keep in mind to incorporate some love to the space, that can be reached with a few simple details. It’s not at all as simple as lighting some candles and having silk sheets since it should be carefully planned.

Focus on the Bed
The bed should be the center point of interest of the room for reasons apart from intimate romance. Keep in mind, romantic home decor is about the lines and detailing, not about the actual feeling.That being said, focus on your bed frame and bedding. Choose fabrics and bedding in which feel deluxe to you and yours. Should you be most comfortable and have that warm, fuzzy feeling from flannel sheets, then make use of them! Pair your bedding with a bed frame along with other furniture that reflect romantic notions. A four-post bed is a great example of romantic bedroom furniture.

A variety of furniture which range from rattan or bamboo love seats, beds and chairs will allow a sense of relaxation in which coaxes any bedroom user to pass time with their nighttime activities. For some city dwellers, certain furniture may still elicit a sense of romance, especially when considering antiques like hand-me-down furniture that tells a history. It could be anything from dresser drawers, armoires, and even mirrors.


It actually doesn’t matter what kind of home decorating you are looking to create in a bedroom, but it’s essential to de-clutter. When looking to make romantic decor, this couldn’t be any truer. A lot of clutter and ‘stuff’ could detract from the overall feeling of the space.

Romantic Color Palettes

Color is a crucial consideration in this task. Precisely, you’ll find stuff that couples love in common. Give attention to these items. Maybe one hates black or red, then they can opt for another color, a neutral one, white or beige. Conflicts in taste furthermore distract a romantic environment and ruin closeness.


Another essential aspect in romantic home decorating is nice lighting. The proper lighting really can make or break a place, thus be sure you have plenty of adequate lighting for your space. You can use the lighting formula: the sq footage of the room times 1.5 to obtain the wattage, then divide the wattage among the light fixtures. One example is, an area that needs 150 watts could have an overhead fixture at 60 watts and two table lamps at 45 watts each.When looking at lighting, also observe the style and form of the fixtures you are deciding on. Romantic details feature warm bronze finishes, sweeping curvature or botanical accentuating. A terrific way to will include a romantic light fixture into your bedroom home decor is thru the use of a chandelier.

Finally, to create a mood, you may want to consider installing a dimmer switch in the bedroom. This doesn’t call for a lot of money or fuss and can often be done by the hand do-it-yourself enthusiast; however, if worse comes to worse, do not be afraid to hire an electrician.

Romantic home accessories and decor aren’t about fuzzy hearts, pinks and reds. It is more about the actual style: the curvature, the botanical accents, the warm finishes on the furniture and the neutral color scheme.