Starting seeds indoors

I started planted herbal seeds just the other day. But instead of doing it outdoors, I decided to have it indoors since I like the idea of having herbs inside my kitchen.  It’s not really that difficult but there are some steps we need to consider compared when we plant it outside. Here’s what I learned from this article.



Starting garden plants from seeds indoors can be an enjoyable project for any gardener. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to grow a wide variety of plants. Many garden favorites are found in a greater variety of colors, sizes and growth habits as seeds, rather than as started plants.

When selecting vegetable varieties, check packets for the number of days until harvest to be sure your choices will ripen before frost. Many long-season vegetables must be started indoors in early spring. Similarly, many annual flowers need an indoor start if they are to bloom during the summer.

Buying seed

Seeds are available from many sources, ranging from your local building supply store to garden centers and mail order catalogs. Their prices can vary greatly. The newest hybrids command higher prices, as do seeds of rare or unusual plants, as well as certified organic seed.

Planting and care information is often more complete on name-brand seed packets. If name brand and “off brand” seed varieties are the same for a given flower or vegetable, there shouldn’t be any difference in the plants’ ultimate quality. The percentage of germination and seed purity is governed by law.

Many companies sell different sizes of seed packets, from mini-packs of as few as ten seeds to seeds by the pound. Although smaller quantities cost more per seed, don’t buy more seed than you will use in two or three years. Each seed contains a plant embryo that must stay alive until it can germinate. The fresher the seed, the greater the chances that all the seeds will still be viable. Fewer and fewer seeds from a packet will germinate as time passes.

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