Smelly Drains- Causes and Solutions

“Plumbing problems cannot only be seen but can also be smelled. This is very true when your drains are stinking, that you could no longer bear with its smell. Yet it not just enough to pacify the smell but you must also get down to the main cause of it.”


What causes sewage and Drain smells?

There is nothing worse than a smell in your kitchen or bathroom that you simply cannot trace or eliminate.  All the disinfectant in the world poured down the sink only relieves the smell temporarily – a sewage smell that seems to stink of the drains.

Causes of Smelly Bathrooms and Kitchens

  • The number ONE cause of sewage smells in the house is the lack of a soil vent pipe to vent the drains. These SVP’s are also known as ‘Stench Pipes’ for a very good reason – they prevent the stench from going into the house and vent it out of the top of the SVP instead. Many plumbers use Air Admittance Valves (Durgo valves) instead of an SVP. These are fine for houses connected to mains drainage, but NOT for ones with a septic tank or sewage plant – unless you want a smelly house.

The new bath or shower has a continental ‘easy-plumb’ waste fitted.  These are very common in new bathroom fittings and are becoming almost standard for showers, as they enable a low profile shallow shower tray to be fitted.  The problem is that they do not have a trap at all and …


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