Six Reasons Quartz Countertops Are a Major Contender

If you are currently searching for countertop materials for your kitchen renovation, it really is highly advised you research quartz countertops, referred to as engineered stone countertops. With numerous varieties of countertop materials to choose from, it can be quite overwhelming for house owners to decide on which is best for them. To aid in the process, listed here are six of the top reasons why this stone must be on your list:




Quartz countertops are relatively cheaper than granite however are far more costly than laminate. However, you must keep in mind that cost will significantly increase when larger are must be covered. But one thing is for sure, you get what you paid for.


Quartz is stone that has been engineered well by nature; containing maximum quartz particles in it. Found in many colors it is among the best choices as far as kitchen countertop materials are concerned. This can be one material that does not take time to get approval by all family. There is no other material which can remotely match quartz in versatility. The guarantee is basically that you will have a unique looking kitchen countertop.


This natural product is non-penetrable which make it right for places that happen to be subject to bacteria such as the kitchen or bathroom. In other penetrable materials, bacteria may percolate in the countertop and remain in there, for that reason would only signify it may be moved towards your food or yourself leading you to become sick.


As quartz countertops comprise ground quartz and resin binders that offer a non porous finish to the end product. This focuses on that these Silestone countertops are resistant to water or any other liquid like caffeine and oil. Being made from 93% pulverized quartz and improvement materials the hardening process makes the surface of these countertops to be flawless and stylishly beautiful.


Which is the next benefit, being maintenance free makes this natural stone extremely attractive. It isn’t essential to have quartz countertops sealed or resealed. Once they are installed, you only need to wipe them down with a damp cloth to clean them.


You will see that these natural quartz countertops are extremely easy to keep clean and maintain. Just a simple regular wipe with a normal house cleaner and your counter will have a clean and glittering look. These items are fantastic for families who are busy and who don’t possess time to deep clean their counters regularly.

The most effective features of quartz countertops usually are not visible from the surface. The inside of the counter is where the most benefits crystallize. Quartz countertops would be the nearly indestructible counters you can install.


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