Singapore Population Growth and Concerns

The population in Singapore is something that is among the highest of concern recently. With more jobs going towards foreigners while the locals are struggling to make a living.

However, dispite the locals concern the goverment of Singapore is still pressing ahead with the plans due to the need of the country economy.

How will this turn out to be is anyone's guess but still i do prefer the Singapore of the old that i am used too. Life is currently too rush and tight as it is and things are not looking well in terms of work life balance for the future.

SINGAPORE – Singapore's population grew 1.3 per cent to reach 5.6 million as of June, amid a spike in the number of births last year, while the citizen population continues to age, the annual population brief released on Thursday (Sept 27) by the National… Credits: Singapore’s population grows 1.3% to 5.6 million