Simple Kitchen Flooring Ideas

The perfect kitchen flooring can not only make your life less difficult, but it is able to set the mood for the entire room. There are a number of factors to consider when deciding on the suitable flooring for your house. It doesn’t merely focus on the visual aspects as you must also think of the purpose of this area on a daily basis.


This is also true for areas that are in constant use, such as your kitchen. Your kitchen area is among the most most used locations at home and is frequently under abuse – from foot traffic, spills, pets and drops. When deciding on flooring for your kitchen, narrow it down to a couple of types that you love appearance-wise after which test them out out at a flooring store to acquire a much better sense of how they could deal with your daily living.

Take a look at some factors that you could consider when you want to check into the appropriate flooring for your home.

Durability. Probably the clearest intangibles in a quality kitchen floor is durability. You desire a floor that wears well through all of the traffic and spills. Maintenance goes hand in hand with durability. Just how hard is it to help keep your flooring in good shape?

Slip Resistance. Kitchen is among the busiest area of the home. With all the hustle and bustle of things, grease splatters, water sloshing on the floor from the sink, food or mats sliding around are just some of the risks if the flooring is not slip resistant.

Noise. With respect to the size of your kitchen, sound can play a big factor in your decision for a floor. Should your kitchen is open and larger, a hard surface can cause an excess of noise that will reverberate throughout your home.

Based on these aspects of functionality, here are a few kitchen flooring favorites and how they compare in each quality.

i.    Ceramic tile: Ceramic tile especially the huge ones is e suited to parts with high traffic and features wide range of designs to pick from. Yet, these tiles are usually very cold and don’t hold in heat and also if they’re hit with some high-impact force, they will easily break and destroy into pieces.

ii.    Vinyl: Vinyl is sturdy, economical and found in sheets or tiles, in smooth or knobby. It’s the most widely used selection in terms of kitchen flooring, and it is found in a huge collection of designs, shades and patterns however it could be cold underfoot.

iii.    Laminate: Laminate is a cost-effective selection for kitchen flooring that’s both long-lasting and easy . This is a economical selection for making the appearance you would like yet might not be as noiseless and warm as compared to others.

iv.    Hardwood flooring: Nothing else is ever going to truly compare with the elegance, warmth and beauty of a well finished hardwood floor. Hardwood kitchen flooring can last considerably longer than many choices, however it does need to undergo refinishing from time to time and this type of flooring tend to be expensive.

v.    Green: There’s a selection of green alternatives on the market which you can use in your kitchen. Bamboo, cork, and linoleum all provide Eco-friendly solutions. Bamboo and cork are warm underfoot and quiet, which makes them a similar choice to hardwood

Each flooring gives many perks yet they also have some drawbacks that’ll make you think twice of your decision. You have to really examine each flooring material and put into mind those deciding factors mentioned above.