Refinishing Your Wood Floors

When the floors of your property or business are suffering from the wear and tear because of continual use, then you may be in the market for a floor refinishing service. When you are performing considering doing hardwood floor refinishing themselves the homeowner needs to understand that along with patience, planning, and skill they are going to also need specialized equipment. Of all home improvement tasks that a home-owner might undertake this is actually the one that demands time, research, and knowledge. That’s why some would prefer to want to have a professional to get this task done.

An important thing to do is clear out every room that you are going to be working in. Moving things from one room to the next can take up valuable time and can also delay the completion of the project quite substantially. You happen to be better off renting a small storage container than you are attempting to hustle everything from one room to the next as you try to complete the project. Once you’ve everything out of the rooms, it is time to check the flooring for any bad bits of molding, floor planks and nails which may be come up a bit through the years.

Should the problem with your floor is scratches and dings, then hardwood floor refinishing is probably a suitable treatment. Nevertheless, understand that a floor might only be refinished a couple of times because it takes a fair amount of sanding, each time taking off quite a bit of wood. In order to get a good idea of how much wood remains in your flooring, check around the edges. Also keep in mind that maple floors are particularly difficult to deal with, so consider employing a professional in this case.

The first step in the hardwood floor refinishing process is sanding away the old finish and stain. Together with revealing the bare wood, sanding levels the floor helping expose the grain of the planks. Sanding and buffing can get rid of scratches, scuffs, and cracks, and generally boost the appearance of the wood. You or your floor contractor ought to sand several times, vacuuming in between each pass and taking advantage of smaller-grit sandpaper every time.

Right after the sanding is finished it’s about time to apply your stain. If you’re not sure as to what type or shade of stain to make use of, you should look at asking the professional who installed your floors. When applying, work with the grain in 5 foot wide sections down the entire width of the room. Once applied it should take around 24 hours to be able to dry. It is not always a simple job, but you’ll realize that hardwood floor refinishing can be a very rewarding job and can help you save some money also.

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