Pros and Cons of Gutter Guards

In a time when most people are watching their expenses and trying to spend wisely, is it worth investing in a gutter guard protection system? Will the value of the protection system and aesthetic value outweigh the upfront cost? Take a look at the pros and cons below;

The Pros That Gutter Guards Provide To Homeowners

What would you say should you weren’t required to climb back on that ladder and clean the gutters out so frequently? It would mean no more climbing the ladder and then getting down, moving the ladder, climbing back up. This is very tedious, time consuming and a chore which you wish was not yours but another person’s. This means that you’re protected from any risks or mishaps.



From time to time we all have to do the chore that we dread, which is clearing out the gutters. Most of us have the same routine when we know that the task needs to be done. Wouldn’t it be great to spend your time and effort with your family? Gutter guard is obviously what you need.

Gutter protection reduces costly water damage. Clogged and obstructed gutters are the number one reason of causing water damage to a house. When the rain water is not correctly diverted from the residence, it often finds a less desirable path-causing mold, mildew, and consequently even rotting along the way. After inflicting all this damage, the water will then end up in your basement. An always-clean, functional gutter system minimizes all of this costly water damage before it really happens.

One problem that protective gutter caps resolve is ice damming or a wall of ice of which forms in the gutter, preventing melting water (snow) from draining through gutter and down your downspout. The water which is dammed thus has nowhere to move and will follow the path of least resistance bringing about potentially devastating flooding issues. Clogged gutters may perpetuate ice damming by preventing snow melt from entering your gutters, water becomes backed up, water gathers then freezes in your gutters, starting the ice damming process.

The Cons Of Having High Quality Gutter Guards Installed

There exists a modest upfront price tag involved. Even so, your new gutter guards will begin paying for themselves the very first time you skip hiring the gutter cleaning service. Which raises the next point…

The gutter cleaning service you used to use must find different work. It certainly is nice to give a job for the hardworking home maintenance and handy-help folks in the locale you live in, but they’ll understand when they learn you’ll become going maintenance-free!

Wouldn’t you agree that gutter guards are an extremely wise homeowner investment? They save time, hassle, and worry; most importantly- they’ll save you from life threatening injury.


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