Pool Table Buying Guide

Buying billiards and pool tables requires you spend a good amount of resources to make sure you get exactly what you need and to make sure you get good value for what you spend.


Pool Table Buying Guide

A pool table provides an outlet for simple entertainment and a competitive nature. While professional pool players take their game as seriously as any other athlete, casual pool players will find great enjoyment and challenge from the game.

The term “pool” is used interchangeably with the term “billiards”. Both “pool table” and “billiards table” describe the game’s playing surface. For the purpose of this guide, “pool” will be the term most frequently used.

The name of the game originated in the 19th century betting parlors called “pool rooms.” Billiards tables were installed in these rooms so patrons had something to do between horse races. Over time, the game of billiards also became known as “pool”.

All sorts of pool tables can be found on eBay. When shopping for a pool table there are a lot of factors to consider. In addition to knowing the different types of tables available, shoppers should also know the important features to look for in a table and the kinds of pool table accessoriesnecessary to play the game.

Parts of a Pool Table

Pool tables have the look of large pieces of furniture and they can work well in any large space in the home as a result. Since pool is a game of precision, the pool table playing surface and frame are critical to one’s success when playing. The surface and frame must support a level of significant accuracy.

Pool Table Base

The pool table base is the cabinet upon which the pool table’s playing surface rests. The main pieces of the playing surface are the slate, apron, and rail assemblies. The base is important because the more substantial the base, the more stable the slate surface. In the game of pool, any movement or vibration of the playing surface affects the quality of play.

Pool Table Bed

The bed is the flat surface upon which the game is played. The bed is typically made of slate. Here are important characteristics of a high-quality slate surface:

  • Thickness: a minimum of one inch
  • Weight: the heavier the better for stability
  • Flatness: required for accuracy
  • Wicking properties: the more porous the surface, the greater the impact of humidity on play


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