How to Use Paint to Touch Up Patio Furniture

A furniture may be sentimental value, pieces that were passed on from previous generations, or expensive new or antique pieces that transformed your home from a house into the place you love spending your life. Whatever the source of your furniture’s value, you should know how to protect it or restore it to its original beauty without spending that much.


The high cost of quality patio furniture makes every penny spent on cleaning and maintaining it well worth the investment. Touch ups of scratches, nicks and scrapes on painted frames not only improve the appearance of patio furniture, they can help prolong the durability of the frame and finish.


Before You Begin

Before you start your touch up project, you’ll need to remove cushions, clean the furniture, and check for damage.

Remove Cushions and Protect Mesh Seats

Whenever possible, completely remove upholstered seats and cushions before attempting to touch up or repaint patio furniture. In the case of hard to remove sling-style seats on chairs, use painter’s tape to carefully tape off all the edges where the material meets the chair’s frame. Run your fingertip along the edge to ensure a tight seal. Then use newspaper and tape to finish covering the areas you don’t want painted. Use this method to protect glass tabletops as well.

Clean and Assess the Damage

All surfaces needing touch-ups or repainting must be thoroughly cleaned first. Methods vary by the construction and material of the furniture’s frame. Cleaning can also reveal nicks and scratches hidden by dirt or unwanted mold and mildew.

A few nicks and scratches on a single frame will hardly be noticeable, if at all, once they are touched up. However, if the color has faded, the paint is peeling badly or there are large areas of wear, it’s better to just repaint instead of trying to camouflage dozens of touch ups. Be sure to buy an extra can of paint so you will have an exact match for future touch ups.

Natural Wicker Materials

Natural wicker furniture should only be used on …


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