How to Remove Pee and Urine from Couch (Works for Mattresses too!)

I may say that no dog stains prevent true dog lovers from keeping these pets at homes, but I may also say that dogs are a bit quicker than cats in making stains. The only annoying thing about your cute dog is the way it urinates all over the house without restriction.

Ok, it happens… whether you have toddlers or pets, pee happens! It’s annoying, it’s frustrating and it seems to ruin the day and perhaps seems to feel like it’s ruined your furniture.

Well, we had one of those days a few days ago. Our toddler was exhausted from a busy morning, came home and fell asleep on the couch. I decided not to move him into his bed and let him be. Well, let him be meant a couch covered in pee a couple of hours later. I was thankful this was the first time for him and the first in a long time, but it was still like…WHY?!? I know that whenever my kids fall asleep hard, they are going to wet their pants no matter where they sleep. They must be too tired to realize they need to get up and use the potty.



It’s okay though because it’s not as bad as it could be and it’s a simple…ish problem to solve.

I want to show you what I did from past learning experiences to remove the pee, disinfect and remove odors from the couch.

Above, you will notice the nice wet pee spot on the couch cushion. It spread to the whole cushion, with the epicenter being the most saturated.

Well, let’s get on this problem with natural, frugal, effective solutions!!

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