How to Make the Most of Your Seriously Small Apartment Balcony

Small space is not a hinder in creating an amazing look in every area of your home. So if you are living in a small apartment with a small balcony, then you can still decorate your balcony it according to your liking. Some people do not use of their balcony and leave it vacant. But if a balcony is furnished rightly, it can add beauty and transform your home completely.

Spring is here! After all those months spent cooped up inside, the weather is finally nice enough to enjoy the outdoors. Because we know that a lavish roof garden (or even a backyard) isn’t a reality for a lot of apartment dwellers, we’ve compiled this gallery of inspiring small outdoor spaces. Even if your balcony is one of those tiny ones with barely enough space to step outside, there’s something here for you.

Above: I’ve decided to arrange these balcony photos in order from largest to smallest, so this balcony may not be the smallest you’ve ever seen. But it’s also not particularly large, and it still manages, in a relatively small footprint, to create the feeling of a garden retreat.

How to do this? Use planting of different sizes and heights. The tree on the right draws the eye upward, while the plantings underneath read as a cohesive whole. In the middle of the balcony, flowers live in a box that perches on the opposite side of the rail, which avoids taking up valuable floor space. The little railing-mounted table provides a great perch for a glass of wine without cluttering up the balcony with table legs.

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