How To Keep Pond Water Clear Naturally (And Get Rid Of Pond Algae)

“If you have an outdoor garden fountain, you have probably realized that keeping it clean can be a real issue. Keep the fountain full enough that the pump is totally submerged so it will work properly and keep the water flowing. The best method for reducing algae growth depends on the size and type of the water feature, the time of year and the extent of the problem, as well as aesthetics and convenience. In general, it’s best to begin treatment early in the season — before problems arise.” 

How to keep pond water clear naturally

One of the biggest frustrations of having a backyard garden fish pond is not knowing what to do when the water becomes mucky, green and gross!

Don’t worry, there is a way you can naturally clear the pond water without using harmful chemicals. Keeping pond water clear the natural way is easy, and you’ll be able to enjoy your pond again in no time…

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