How to Design Kids Bathroom

Kids bathroom decorating concepts must always keep 2 aspects in mid- safety and an exciting theme. There is no scarcity of kids bathroom decorating ideas. All it takes is careful planning and purchasing. Include your children as you lay out plans to embellish their bathroom. After all, they’re going to be the ones using it.

To start with, take a moment with your child and decide on a particular theme for the bathroom. You may choose themes like underwater experience or jungle or princess or pirates sailing or the usual rubber ducky. Decide on a theme which goes with your child’s passions. Then go out and buy what you will need. You may get most theme based accessories at a crafts supply store. As an illustration, if you choose a beach theme, you can obtain pebbles, shells, sponges, starfish and so on. You could paint designs on to the wall or stick vinyl patterns on to the wall. If you have a glass enclosed shower cubicle, you could stick vinyl decals on the glass. Use the static based ones as opposed to adhesive decals. Adhesive ones could leave nasty sticky marks once you remove them.


Ample lighting is something that should not be forgotten in a kids bathroom or any bathroom for that matter. You surely wouldn’t like to have dark areas where there are kids and where accidents may easily occur. In order to avoid your kids getting hurt, make certain that there is enough lighting by using pendant lights, light scones and overhead lighting.

Encourage the children to keep their bathroom tidy by having a net for toys which they gather up at the end of bath time and a colorful laundry basket for their dirty clothing. A number of cupboards, racks, shelves. A basket for trash helps too. In addition, there are many unique bathroom vanities you can find that are both cute and functional.

Remember to create safety to your design list. It is vital that you mark the hot water tap in your children’s bathroom to prevent them from turning it on accidentally. Additionally, make sure you make use of no slip bathroom mats because they aid in minimizing the injury risk. In addition, big, knobby clothes hooks will cause less head pain when bumped than pointed hooks. And, if you are adding a step stool to help little ones reach the faucet, be sure the bottom is equipped with non-skid rubber footings.

Kids bathroom decorating ideas are fun and creative ones. Just be sure you are taking safety and functionality into account while doing the decoration.

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