How to Choose the Right Type of Frame

“A great art or picture can wonderfully add that personal touch and characted to any area of the home. But what’s more nice about these things is that it becomes more intimate when you place it inside the bedroom. Yet the frame where you’ll place your picture or art will make or break the entire room decoration. See this post to guide you in selecting the bestframe for your need.”



Great Options for a Stark Still Life

1. Gilded Grandeur
“If an image is clean and uncluttered, one option is to go to the opposite extreme with an ornate gold frame. The double mat with gold edging, which is called a fillet and comes with most frames, dresses it up even more.”

2. A Color from the Painting
“A simple trick is to focus on the object that stands out—here it’s the watermelon—and pick a metallic frame in that shade. If you skip the mat, the color has more impact. Keep metal frames narrow; a little shimmer is all you need.”

3. Earthy Dark Wood
“Chocolate brown is a nice choice for warming up a crisp image like this. Ignore the wood furniture you have in the room and pick a brown that’s close to the colors in the art instead. I like a wide white mat to keep the look from getting too heavy.”

4. Barely-there Border
“To play up a dramatic aspect of the art, like a black background, pick a frame that matches. This one is metal, but a lacquer frame would …


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