How to Build a Customized Baby Gate

A baby gate will never go out of style! It’s a very important item in the home to ensure that safety of your kids. However some of these baby gates are really pricey so some would never consider having one at home. But expense should not be an issue as you could make your own baby gate! Here’s how;


Step 1: Take Measurements, Then Cut the Wood

Measure at the base from the wall to the opposite spindle (Image 1). Then, measure the height and take the same measurements at the bottom of the stairs (Image 2).

To cut the wood, set the miter saw to 90 degrees and trim the ends off to make sure everything is squared. Cut three pieces of wood to 28-15/16ths” (Image 3).

Trim the balusters for the gate to 29-1/2″.

Step 2: Sandwich the Boards

Run two lines of wood glue on the bottom board (the bad side), then with the good side facing up, simply sandwich the two boards together (Image 1). Check to make sure the ends are flush with the side boards.

Add two 3/4″ nails at the corner. Continue to add two more nails every 6 inches (Image 2).

Add wood glue, checking if the boards are flush. Then, nail them together with a pneumatic nail gun.

sandwich two boards together

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