Harvest the Rain with these 4 DIY Rain Barrels

“I know that it’s quite a traditional method of collecting rain water but I believe it is still the most effective and economical way of conserving water. Why spend too much on some expensive watering system when all you need is the nature.”


Rainwater harvesting relieves our aging sewer systems from the stress of heavy storms while lessening the impact of our garden on our water bills. Whether your interest in rain barrels is because of frugality, or they are environmental, making your own rain barrel is easy.

Here are four examples and instructions for making your own rain barrel.

1. Rubberneck Rain Barrel

Donnie Dillon/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Instructables user, Donnie Dillon, hacked a trashcan he had in the garage into a rain barrel after a trip to the hardware store that only cost him $38.22 for the materials. The project took less than 2 hours and after he was done, he could harvest rain water to water his plants and chickens, wash his car and fill up his squirt guns. For walkthrough instructions see his Rubberneck Rain Barrel Instructable.


2. Blue HDPE 55 Gallon Barrel

stylnpzzalvr/CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

This blue barrel is the most common item converted into a rain barrel. Instructables user, stylnpzzalvr, spent some time creating barrels like …


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