Guide on Bedroom Window Treatments

If there is one space in your own home that you love the most, I guess it’s your bedroom. Well, we cannot put the blame on you for that since it is your personal space where you can do your favorite activities like reading a book and sleeping, of course!

However various treatments excel at different aspects of features. With the number of different window treatment selections available, you can easily be confused. Understanding what the different options are will allow you to wade through the world of interior design. To help you decide on which window treatment to install for your bedroom windows, here are some examples.


– Curtains
They have always been easily available and affordable and stitching used to be a large part of the homemaker’s life therefore it was very easy to acquire some fabric. Numerous fabric curtains are now available and whether it’s the one color, or stripes or prints, you may bind to find something to match your style and interior decoration.

– Drapes
For more formal setting, drapes can be used to give the room an air of elegance and sophistication. Drapes are pleated panels usually made of heavier material which hangs attractively from pretty rods or poles. Drapes are sometimes offset with swags in thick, rich materials that do the drapes justice. A room could be given a boost when making use of a beautiful set of drapes.

– Window Blinds
These are a simple window treatment in which addresses two principal goals of installing such: provide privacy and control outdoor light. Window blinds come in various types and materials. Thus, you will be given a lot of options to pick from. They’re hung either vertically or horizontally. Among the list of existing window blinds are Roman blinds, roller blinds, and venetian blinds. And they come in bamboo, wood, faux wood, metal, or PVC.

– Sheers
They are A well-liked type of window treatment in interior design, sheers allow light. They are light-weight and attractive to look at. In the late fall and winter, they could be exchanged with heavier curtains or drapery. But, it does not suit for those who need complete privacy. Wanting to make sheer window treatment, you can simply use sheer fabric and simple curtain rod. It comes in some different options of colors, textures, lengths, and widths that make this sheer suitable for any decor in your house.

– Valances
They are made of fabric also but they are a lot shorter than your normal curtains and drapes. Valances are generally used with curtains and drapes to help make the windows more desirable considering they are a window top treatment that is truly attractive. Valances are sheathes of fabric embellished around the top of a window frame. They can be pleated or arched to give the window treatment a much more artistic appeal.