Grow A Succulent Garden

Planting a succulent garden is a fun and easy activity. I will share with you some tips based from this article on how to start growing succulents in your own garden. The process is pretty simple for those who have done this before and have got some experience.

Step by step: How to grow succulents from cuttings

Remove the lower leaves

(C) OfferUp

(C) OfferUp

  • Chop the remaining rosette from the stem
  • Let all the parts dry out and create a callous where they’ve been removed
  • Place on top of soil until roots and baby plants start forming
  • Remove the original leaf and plant the new offspring, as well as the original rosette – tada!

Propagating succulents: it sounds like a euphemism for hormone replacement therapy or the code name for a guerrilla gardening raid. It reality it’s far more straightforward than either. In fact, it’s so easy you can’t fail. You hear that? CANNOT FAIL. Just follow these directions and you’ll be living in a thriving urban succulent jungle before you know it.

Step One

If you have a succulent that is starting to look leggy, now is the time to propagate. What’s a leggy succulent, you ask? Sadly, it’s not a plant that looks like Heidi Klum. It happens when a succulent isn’t getting enough light and starts to stretch out, with a woody stem and widely spaced leaves. Your first step is removing the lower leaves of the plant. Carefully, though! Grab and wiggle a leaf until it snaps off, making sure you get the whole leaf so it can grow roots of its own. Remember: A partial leaf will not a succulent make.

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