Funny Animal Shaped Lamps Bring Cheer To Homes And Offices

This animal shaped lighting are so cute! It’s a new and unique way of decors that can beautify your living space. Lighting can enhance any room in your house creating flexible, beautiful and functional spaces.



We believe that the lighting has a very important role in the overall look of a space and, most importantly, its ambiance. A bunch of cool light fixtures can transform a space from boring to fun and exciting and even though there are so many mainstream designs that saturate the market, it’s not that difficult to find something interesting. There are quite a few funky themes to choose from. For instance, we managed to put together a list of funny animal-shaped lamps which we find awesome and we hope you’ll do too.

MArcantonio RAimondi MAlerba introduced an interesting series of Monkey Lamps. They’re exactly what the name suggests: a series of lamps shaped like monkeys. They look pretty realistic and they’re really cute, each holding a light bulb and looking natural doing it.

The same designers also created these incredibly cute Mouse Lamps. They’re made of resin, they’re meant to be used indoors only and they come in three versions, depicting mice that stand, sit and lie down. They’re white and they each hold a light bulb in their tiny little hands.

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