Do’s and Don’ts in Tile Maintenance

“Tile is known for its water resistance and easy cleaning. With the right maintenance routine, your tile floors, walls, and countertops will look great and last for years. Tiles are a major part of your home, impacting interior beauty, design, décor, comfort and livability. So it stands to reason that they be included on any home maintenance “to do” list. Taking care of your ceramic tile flooring investment will reward you and your home for many years to come. Plus, knowing what’s expected of you regarding tile flooring upkeep can be a determining factor in your purchase choices.”

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Regular home upkeep is necessary in just about every home. This will assist you in keeping it lively and wonderful for long. The Do’s and Don’ts to tilling may help you go a long way together with tiling routines.


  • Prior to flooring arrangement, make sure that the dust and other particles are taken out
  • Check the scouring powders and the sealants on a small floor before putting it on to the whole area.
  • Use grout joint cleaning products, with a sealer that is definitely suitable to it.
  • Use a soap and water mixture to take out all the residues and thoroughly clean the surface.
  • For any damages and broken parts, seek the help of a professional companies to get it done the right way.


  • In case of routine maintenance, there’s no need to regularly use bleach and acid.
  • Do not use wax based cleaners, oil-based detergents or sealants to maintain your tile (sealants can be used on grout joints).
  • Do not use harsh cleaning materials for example steel wool pads which could scratch or damage the surface of your tile.
  • Colored cleaning agents might only give you further more trouble.

Tile Care

Clean tile with mild detergent and clean water, using a rag or chamois-type mop rather than a cloth or sponge mop. The latter shoves dirty water into grout lines and causes them to be tougher to clean up. Be sure to change the water frequently while mopping; dirty water implies a cloudy floor. Do this at least once weekly.

Cleaning Solutions

Different tiling solutions require different cleaning solutions. Clean glazed products, those are home-based and non-oily whilst being a grout-joint-cleaning-compatible solution. For on a daily basis cleaning solutions, it is possible to use a spray based cleaning solution. Spills, oil and grease must be cleaned with neutral tile cleaners which are PH safe for regular use.


Lessening tile deterioration, at entryways and exits need quality floor mats. It is actually useful in minimizing any type of spots or marks. Mats, both outdoors and just inside of each door, may go a long way towards avoiding dirt from tracking in – just be certain you clean up the mats often. Making a habit of taking your shoes off at the door will help too.

And the other way to protect the tile is to put protective pads on the edges of your furniture or the furniture legs so that you can lower the rust, stains and marks over time.

By just adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure that the tiles in your home will shine and look as if brand new.