Different Types of Dining Tables

We are all aware that dining tables are available in numerous shapes, size and materials. Perhaps a few of us may often acquire those that are attractive without thinking about other variables. Below we will attempt to go over well-known forms of dining tables and their features so that you can decide what’s best for the house.”

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Dining table is usually the most costly furniture investments you are going to ever make. This is why you should take some time and realize on what to buy for the home. You’ll need to take into account the materials, shape and size to come up with one that will fit the family’s requirements. Listed here are are just some of the common types;

Rectangular and oval tables

Rectangle tables are probably the most popular shape of tables and are made from a variety of materials. This is the perfect table for large families and those who quite often host events at home. This kind of table can accommodate from 6 to 12 dependent upon the size you decide. Additionally, it can show the structure of the family with regards to the seating arrangement.

Drop-leaf and expandable tables

These pieces enable you to easily manage how big the the table depending on the number of people who are seating in the table. In order to elongate or shorten the drop-leaf table, you only need to move or drop one end of the unit.

In regards to expandable pieces, they generally have an extra piece in the center that can be removed to help make the table smaller or added if you have a number of people who need to use the table. They aren’t just good simply because permit you to control the amount of people who can seat in them, but they are also wonderful simply because they save a lot of space.

Round and octagonal tables

An advantage of such units is they let you squeeze in more guests than the table is designed for. Another advantage of these units is they commonly come with a round rotating tray in which you put the meals to be eaten.

If you want to seat four, then a table which has a 40 inch diameter is the ideal size. If, however, you will need seating for 5 to 6 people, then search for a round table that features a circumference of at least 48 in, though more is certainly good. Always look at the diameter before getting one.

Square tables

Nearly eight guests can seat on these types. Unlike round or octagonal units that allow numerous guests to seat in them, seating in square tables is often limited. This is due to you can’t really sit at the corners since the supports of the corners usually block the legroom of the individual seated at the corner.


Given these examples, we hope that you’ve learned something out of it. Just remember that when you purchase a dining table, ensure that it is top quality and do not be satisfied on anything less.

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