Decorating the Dining Table

The way that you decorate your dining table says a lot about how you want people to feel welcome. Decoration of the dining area isn’t restricted to buying the best furniture. With a little creativity and careful use of things that you already may have, you can come up with a great looking dining room table on a budget.

In any dining room, the table is always the center of attention. And if you are like me, you constantly switch out items depending upon the holiday, season or when the urge to redecorate strikes.  Here are a few of my favorite tips on decorating and accessorizing the dining  table year-round:

(C) Pinterest

(C) Pinterest

The Centerpiece: Fresh flowers are a no-brainer (or second choice, a dried floral arrangement). Think outside of the box with an unusual container or perhaps a series of vintage bottles or ginger jars in varying sizes.

If your budget doesn’t allow for fresh flowers every week, an attractive tureen, sculpture or crystal compote stand looks great when flanked by a pair of candlesticks. And you can get mileage from an orchid in a silver bowl!

Add Color: A pop of color to coordinate or contrast will immediately draw the eye. And it’s a great way to tie in your artwork, draperies, and table china. A brightly colored vase or a simple vintage bowl of apples or lemons will do the trick.

It Takes Two: I love pairs – crystal, porcelain, hurricane or corkscrew wooden candlesticks, Chinese blue and white jars, urns or foo dogs are just a few of the things I like to pair on a table.


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