Cyber safety for kids: Parents, the “first line of defence”

“Isn’t it alarming that people can now have access to almost anything in the internet? Though this new technological age has a great benefit for us, it is also causing a big trouble if not used well. Talking about internet safety, parents must take this issue seriously as your children may be put in danger if we just let them use their laptops of gadgets unguarded.”


Kids’ online



According to one internet study, almost 93% of kids (aged 12-17) go online. Peer pressure on tweens/teens could result in their uploading of provocative pictures and videos. They would also think nothing about posting their deepest personal experiences in online forums that are frequently accessible to the general public.

New online park for kids on safe surfing

In this context, it is noteworthy that a Singapore resource on online safety for children will be ready a year from now, by mid-2011. This was recently announced by MICA Acting Minister Lui Tuck Yew at an information security seminar at the Suntec Convention Centre. The Government-industry collaboration called Cyber Security Awareness Alliance will work with the National Crime Prevention Council to develop the online park. The online cyber park’s objective – to enable tweens/teens to learn various facets of cyber wellness, safety and security via interactive mode …


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