Consumer more satisfied with F&b sector? got to be a joke


Having worked in the F&B industry in the past (and i am really proud of my time there), i do personally feel that the service standard have dropped. 

Just a few days back i was at the airport to send off and the experience was not the most pleasing during the check in. First, the face of the staff at the desk seems to be unhappy. Throughout the whole check out process, it felt like no one smiled at all. Secondly, i saw a lady asking the counter staff for information regarding the check in timing. The staff whom was busy doing her nail care did not even bother to look at the customer (seems like the nail care is way more important) nor did she seem to have the ability to speak. All she did was stand up point at a board with the timing and said “you can't see”.

With such service being displayed i am appalled. 

SINGAPORE – Consumers were more satisfied with the food and beverage (F&B) sector in the third quarter, with the ability of service staff to meet special requests, explain menu items, as well as the order-taking process cited as important in driving… Credits: Consumers more satisfied with F&B, tourism sectors