Colorful Shrubs for Your Garden

“The landscape is definitely more attractive when you can see various colors in it. Colors could not only come from the flowers as we can see plants with colorful leaves that can definitely spice up your outdoor garden.”


Diabolo Ninebark

A North American native, ninebark stands up to heat, drought, and winter cold and is usually ignored by deer and rabbits. Plus, it has beautiful purple foliage and looks terrific in any garden. This variety also features clusters of white flowers in early summer and attractive peeling bark in the winter.
Name: Physocarpus ‘Monlo’
Size: To 10 feet tall and wide
Zones: 3-7
Bonus: Short on space? Look for dwarf selections such as ‘Center Glow’ (6-8 feet tall and wide) or Summer Wine (5-6 feet tall and wide).

Black Lace Elderberry

Scores of gardeners have fallen in love with Black Lace elderberry — and it’s easy to see why. The shrub offers purple-black foliage that has a wonderful lacy texture. It’s a fast grower and, once established, is essentially carefree.
Name: Sambucus ‘Eva’
Size: To 8 feet tall, 10 feet wide
Zones: 4-7
Bonus: The shrub also offers pink flowers in early summer and clusters of berries in fall. However, both take a backseat to the stunning foliage.


 ‘Velvet Cloak’ Smokebush

Ideal for back-of-the-border locations, smokebush shows off velvet-purple foliage that turns a rich shade of orange-red in the fall. It also bears fluffy clusters of pink flowers in early summer. The plant is quite easy to grow, thriving in a wide range of soil types.
Name: Cotinus ‘Velvet Cloak’
Size: To 15 feet tall and wide
Zones: 5-8
Bonus: If you’re looking to brighten your landscape, try Golden Spirit smokebush, which features chartreuse foliage.


Wine & Roses Weigela

Wine & Roses is a medium-size shrub with big impact. The dark purple foliage looks great from spring to fall and is decorated by pink flowers in spring and summer. Deer usually don’t eat this weigela and it also holds up to drought.
Name: Weigela ‘Alexandra’
Size: To 5 feet tall, 6 feet wide
Zones: 4-8
Bonus: Plant breeders have created more compact purple-leaf varieties such as Fine Wine (4 feet tall) and Midnight Wine (1 foot tall), as well as types with golden foliage (Ghost).


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