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A Secure and Safer Home

Every family intends to own a place where they will be at peace and won’t be concerned about anything. A home that will be their sanctuary, a place of refuge. Thanks to technology, we are able to achieve that without having to take excessive effort. In the market these days, you can purchase various accessories and equipment that could make us feel safer in the home. Here are just some of them.

A.    Lighting: LED technology has taken the world to a whooping stage of improvement as it’s very beneficial in conservation of energy and pollution. They produce more light per watt against an incandescent bulb and this facet makes it very useful whenever utilized in battery powered or energy-saving devices. In this way, you’ll be able to light up your home all night long to without having to worry about the cost. In this way, you can stop burglars from attacking your home.


B.    Fire Monitoring: These fire monitoring and prevention systems are thought essential for houses and market sectors. Equipment like extinguishers, fire hydrants, sprinkler systems and emergency call boxes are just a number of first firefighting equipment which you could possess at home. Additionally, technology has progressed that equipment can easily detect fire just like smoke and fire safety alarms which alerts the residents, notifies persons in the surrounding area and brings the fire service.

C.    The Smart Home: A lot of improvements happen to be created in the area of the smart home. Many new houses are made these days that incorporate at least some smart home technology. Smart home amenities may include total home automation, comprehensive security, lighting control and surveillance, and a lot use wireless technology and the Internet so it will be simple for you to regulate, view and secure your property whilst you may be on the other side of the world. Envision being able to draw a bath for your wife or husband and have it ready right when they get home, all while you are away on business. Or imagine having the ability to make sure your children arrive home safely from school every day. You are able to view precisely once they get back home and, if you choose, you can also watch them with in home surveillance cameras.

D.    Seniors: Innovative gadgets and today’s technology are helping people to deal with everyday living particularly the elderly. There are actually equipment that keep track of heart-rate and body-temperature changes with the info being sent real-time to medical centres or to family. Also, we could see wearable devices such as bracelets and necklaces that can instantly detect falls and send signals to spouse and children on the internet especially for emergency condition. These devices may also be used by any family member to request help in crucial conditions.

HDB builds new generation neighbourhood centres for upcoming estates

“I guess there is another thing that we can look forward in the near future”


SINGAPORE: The Republic’s first government-built neighbourhood centres in over a decade will be significantly upgraded from their more functional counterparts seen in the heartlands now.

Located in new estates in Punggol, Hougang and Sembawang, the four new neighbourhood centres will sport waterfront features, lush terraces, and connections to public transport, and have “green” systems like rainwater harvesting.

Built by the Housing and Development Board (HDB), they will be completed over the next three years, ensuring that residents get ready access to facilities once they move into their new homes.

All four will have a sheltered community plaza where residents can come together and mingle over daily activities or community events. “We want to plan towns that are well designed, sustainable as well as community-centric; HDB is not just a developer and master planner, we also play a social role,” said Mr Fong Chun Wah, Group Director (Development and Procurement) of HDB.

Each NC is expected to serve about 5,000 to 6,000 households. Designed based on public feedback, they will be one-stop centres offering a wide variety of amenities, like supermarkets, food courts, and other dining and retail options. All four will be designed to link to transport nodes, like an existing or upcoming MRT or LRT station, or a bus stop.

Artist’s impression of an aerial view of Oasis Terraces. (Photo: Housing and Development Board)

Oasis Terraces, which is situated next to Oasis LRT station at Punggol Waterway, will resemble a landscaped hill, featuring cascading gardens and scenic views of the waterfront. It will also house the Punggol Polyclinic operated by SingHealth Polyclinics – set to be one of the largest polyclinics in Singapore.

Over at Northshore Plaza, the centre will be a test bed for technologies like smart fans, lighting, and an electronic carpark monitoring system, in line with …


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I Love Bon Jovi!


I was there rockin with them and really really enjoyed the performances. First time i had joined in the grand prix fun. First time at a live concert and i am loving it!

Would try to upload the videos i took soon as i am busy right now seeing it is nearing the end of the year.


SINGAPORE: It has been 20 years since US rock band Bon Jovi last played in Singapore, but their amazing gig on Sunday (Sep 20) as part of the 2015 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix proved that good things come to those who wait.

It had all the ingredients for a brilliant rock concert: music that got people's hearts racing, throngs of sweaty, enthusiastic fans ready to party, and a band that knew how to get them moving.


Singapore clamps down on five firms over haze

“Classes were suspended, business halted operations and many people’s daily activities were disturbed because of the haze. Masks were sold out so some weren’t able to protect themselves. Indeed, not only the daily activities were affected but health is the most critical issue that wer are dealing here.”


The Singapore skyline obscured by the haze in the Marina Bay area on Sept 22, 2015.

In its toughest anti-haze measure yet, Singapore has begun legal action against five companies it believes are among the culprits behind Indonesia’s polluting fires.

It has also slammed statements from Indonesian officials over the crisis that forced the Republic to close schools yesterday when air quality became hazardous.

Naming the firms for the first time yesterday, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Vivian Balakrishnan stressed that the haze was a man-made problem that should not be tolerated. “Ultimately, errant companies must know that there is a price to be paid for damaging our health, environment and economy,” he said.

Haze levels here peaked at a 24-hour Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) reading of 267 to 322 at 8am yesterday. They improved slightly later but remained very unhealthy. The three-hour PSI showed greater fluctuations – hitting 341 at 5am and dropping to 80 at 2pm, before rising again to 154 at 9pm.

Unhealthy haze pollution – when the 24-hour PSI is over 100 for at least 24 hours – has occurred four times since Sept 10.

The National Environment Agency (NEA), which has been gathering evidence by monitoring hot spots, smoke plumes, maps, meteorological data and satellite images, yesterday served Singapore-listed firm Asia Pulp and Paper a legal notice to supply information on its subsidiaries in Singapore and Indonesia, as well as measures taken …


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A Go Green Change At Home

The research on how destructive we are to our planet definitely makes you insane. It appears as though many individuals are anticipating some hero, perhaps “Save Environment Guy” arrive for the environment’s rescue. Others are confident that the govt. will fix it-right!

If you haven’t started out doing a thing, then shame on you. Everyone should carry out their part. You can begin with a step-by-step campaign to minimize your house’s carbon footprint. If you happen to are not aware of what that is, it is actually a measure of the Earth’s resources required to help support a house’s way of life. You can even find websites that will assist you determine yours.

You will discover three areas of your life that contribute to the 75% of environmental damage. According to experts, they’re listed here in order of priority:

• The food we eat
• Mode of transportation
• The water and energy efficiency of our houses and gardens

It is really on our lifestyle or the we live our life that we save the environment and not only just by literally conserving trees or animals. Daily home activities which includes: air conditioning, food preparation, lighting, and household trash lead to 20% of our greenhouse gas emissions each year. If you feel that the energy consumption and transportation are the main factors, then you’re definitely wrong. It is also contributed by the our choice of merchandise and food items.

Purchase local products. The reason for it is that research shows that chemical farming utilizes much more energy per unit of production than organic farming, that do not utilize these chemical inputs. Making and transporting these chemicals uses considerable quantities of energy and results in greenhouse gases.

Our shopping practices also negatively influence the planet if you aren’t performing it right. Make a list of your purchases for the week of for a month to ensure you would not be heading often to the stores and buy goods that are not processed. Doing this shopping is healthier both for humans and the environment.

Reducing our food footprint is actually a start of the change in the family. Eat lower on the food chain or going meatless for just one meal a week can make a difference. Globally, it is determined that 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions are associated with meat consumption. Make an effort to have atleast once a week “No Meat Day”. It will not just help the environment, it’ll also benefit your health.

You don’t need to become a vegetarian, ride a bicycle or walk to work everyday, reuse every little thing, make a compost heap, switch all of your lighting, etc. If you’d like, that’s great. Go for it. It would, however, be beneficial for us to carry out what we could towards saving the environment for generations to come. If we all did what we could, then perhaps we would be able to get off the bed and face the environment each day realizing we did our very best and face the planet with a smile.


Air con – What would i do without them!

wonder how can we survive here in Singapore without air con. And yes i do think we have become too reliant on air con this day. Frankly i can't even imagine working or sleeping without my air con on. 

Seems to me that a fan is useless in the fight against the heat. However, as this article points out would it be sustainable to consume that much energy. 

What if just what if one day we face a shortage of energy. I am really thankful that we are living in a time where we are blessed with technology and natural resources which have yet to completely deplete.

Singapore also needs to think about how the island- city-state consumes energy. Let us start with how much an air-conditioned nation it has become as the majority of the buildings are now cooled by air-conditioners. The proportion of Singapore households with air-conditioners has more than doubled in 20 years, from 35 per cent in 1993 to 76 per cent in 2013. Air-conditioning accounted for the highest proportion of household energy consumption at 37 per cent. To capture a sense of how cool Singapore has become, we conducted an informal temperature survey of popular publicly accessible locations, like shopping malls and the Changi Airport terminals.

ᔥ told to comply with licensing requirements in place for online news sites

“Would you consider this a cowering tactic to shut down that has a bold move in delivering  news or would you agree how MDA handled the situation. You be the judge.”


SINGAPORE – Singapore’s media regulator has told a current affairs website that often conveys the news in a light-hearted way that it will have to comply with the same licensing rules demanded of online news websites. (See note below)

The Media Development Authority (MDA) told the website,, that it had to be “individually licensed”, given its frequent reports about Singapore and its significant reach, the operators of said in a statement today.

Under this licensing framework, editors will have to comply with MDA’s take-down directions – that is, to remove content found to be in breach of certain standards such as being in bad taste, offending religious sensitivities or relating to vice, within 24 hours of being notified.

They also have to put up a performance bond of $50,000, similar to that required for niche TV broadcasters. executive director Lien We King and managing editor Martino Tan met with the MDA on July 16, and were informed that their website – launched in August 2013 – has met the threshold that would require a license under Section 8 of the Broadcasting Act. becomes the 11th website to come under this individual licensing framework, which came into effect in 2013.

It applies to online news sites that are accessed from at least 50,000 different Internet Protocol (IP) addresses in Singapore each month, over a period of two months in a row, and that contain at least one article a week on Singapore news, over the same two months.

The other 10 sites were individually licensed on June 1, 2013. Seven are under Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), which publishes The Straits Times and operates and Stomp, while two sites are under MediaCorp, and remaining site is Yahoo Singapore.

The MDA said in a statement to The Straits Times that other than these sites and, “there are no other websites identified at this point for individual licensing”.

“Where MDA has assessed that a website has met the criteria to be individually licensed, MDA will issue a formal notification and work with the site to move it to the new licensing framework,” MDA added.

MDA says such licensing is necessary, as the content of these websites is relied upon by members of the public to …


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Granite Countertops Care -3 Important Things To Know


A granite countertop is of top choice when your kitchen, bar or bath is concerned. It brings elegance to your house and lasts for some time since it is remarkably long-lasting because of hardness and strength. It’s available in many textures and patterns.

Granite is certainly a durable and strong igneous stone that is formed from volcanic that is why it is really an best material for countertops, as it’s incredibly hard, resilient and heat resistant. Besides its material attributes, granite is a truly beautiful reflection of nature.

There are regular maintenance routines to adhere to to ensure that your granite countertop will keep its charm.

Cleaning: Ensure to clean the granite countertops often. While chopping fresh meat or fish, clean the granite soon otherwise granite will damage quickly. The simple way to clean the granite countertops is clean the countertop with gentle soap and water to clean off the place. Whilst cleaning the kitchen counter use detergents or cleanser avoid using rough cloth for it’s going to certainly scratch the granite.

Sealing: A good seal helps in reducing the chance of staining by creating a barrier between the granite as well as any compounds. The seal furthermore keeps your countertops clean by preventing moisture from seeping into granite’s naturally porous surface. Over the years, resealing your granite countertops has been advised as frequently as annually. The sealers made use of were water-based or solvent-based and would certainly breakdown after some time due to the use of everyday household cleaners. It was advised that countertops be cleaned with warm soapy water only. In the past few years, a lifetime sealer, commonly with a 15 year stain-warranty, is brought in to the market, totally changing the traditional rules of precisely how to look after granite countertops. These kinds of new sealers are more like treatments, in which molecularly bond to the stone and don’t need to be reapplied. They’re strong enough to stand up to normal household cleaners in many circumstances too. Ask your countertop provider which kind of sealers they provide.

Stains: Granite countertop might get stained in case the liquid spilled isn’t wiped right away. Make sure to not use some of the acids like citric acids lemon juice, vinegar or strong wine because these are the acids that make the place dirty and it gives stains in the place. When acids dropped in granite in error, cleanse it right away with the gentle soap and water and don’t make use of rough cloth simply because it leads damage or it is going to change the color of the granite.

These are only quite a few steps and tips to prevent stains or any problems in granite countertops. The vast array of colors, textures and durability makes granite countertops a fantastic choice for any home. When properly installed and maintained, they’ll probably outlast the home itself.

Electric Gates for your Home Security


Electric gates could be the excellent approach to boost your security both at home and at the work area. They prove to be the top security solution for anyone trying to find convenience. There are various gates that a person can pick from according to your security needs. For individuals who give top priority to security of their property (whether commercial or residential), electric gates are a perfect option. These gates are believed as a simple way of ensuring full security of just about all sized properties whether big or small. When this type of gate is released it did not receive a wonderful response but with a short time period they have gained lots of popularity among homeowners due to the convenience and high level of security offered by them to almost any property.

Aside from its security feature, electric gates tend to be becoming a statement in a property since it could make the property more elegant and high value. That is a plus once you have thoughts of selling it later on. There are different solutions in regards to these gates. A number of the key ones have been discussed below:

•    Swinging Gates: It can be another important choice available regarding electric gates. It’s a combination of the articulated and sliding gates. When the gate motor is initialized, it causes the gate to swing outwards or inwards depending on its set-up and space available.

•    Sliding Gate: It truly is one of the most common types of electric gates that are mostly noticed in business parks and homes with wide or very steep driveways.

•    Articulated Gate: This gate may also be preferred a lot currently. As far as the look of this gate is concerned, it appears like a number of small gates linked together. It is quite simple and convenient to use. Whenever the motor starts, the gate pulls back along rails and thereafter gets folded itself. Articulated gates are typically noticed in small spaces. One of the best attributes of these gates involves their easy-to-install aspect. They can be installed with much ease and convenience.

People today can easily search over the internet and discover where they can possibly ask about the various kinds of security gates. A highly trained and reputable company can supply you with electric gate openers that can suggest and set up the perfect electric gate for your residence. Experts will help you consider your choices and pick a reasonable automatic gate that fits your requirements. In general, electric gates are a good idea if you would like add increased security to your home and also boost total aesthetic appearance of your properties.

Internet is among the best platforms to find one such reliable company as per your requirements and budget.

Shopping for groceries in Singapore

“Of course, who wouldn’t want to have fresh foods served right into their kitchen? Everyone loves anything fresh but not everyone has the luxury to do their grocery shopping because of busy schedule. If that is your problem, then I guess it is already solved.”


In this day and age where there’s just so much to do but so little time, it’s become virtually impossible to squeeze in even an hour or two for some grocery shopping. Thankfully, BenMart Singapore offers a solution that requires only a few clicks of the mouse. A firm believer in delivering fresh produce straight to your doorstep, it provides a convenient online shopping experience that doesn’t require you to leave the comforts of home.



Premium Angus Striploin from New Zealand costing S$30/kg

Premium Angus Striploin from New Zealand costing S$30/kg


This excellent online retailer of exclusive gourmet products features everything from wine and cheese to seafood and vegetables. However, what BenMart Singapore really prides itself in is importing 100 percent grass-fed chilled meat from New Zealand. The meat products are shipped in fortnightly so freshness is never an issue. These grass-fed cattle are healthier options as their meat are lower in saturated fat and higher in nutrients like Vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids.


Frenched lamb rack from New Zealand costing S$46/kg


Perhaps you have an important luncheon or dinner party to host next week but you’re not quite satisfied with the meat selection at the local butcher shop. Simply log on to BenMart Singapore and start filling up your cart with whatever tickles your fancy, be it chilled premium Angus striploin costing only S$30/kg or frenched lamb rack costing a measly S$46/kg.



Choose from a wide selection of the most exquisite bottles of wine at BenMart Singapore

Choose from a wide selection of the most exquisite bottles of wine at BenMart Singapore

As everyone knows that a meal is only as good as the beverage that’s served alongside it, be sure to grab a few bottles of wine as well. BenMart Singapore features a wide selection of the most exquisite wine, including a S$24 bottle of Silver Fern Pinot Gris from New Zealand that’s brimming with …


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