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MRT broke down yet again


SINGAPORE — The Friday (Aug 18) morning signalling faults on the North-South Line (NS

 Credits: Twin MRT faults on Friday morning not linked: LTA


SINGAPORE – Hours after signalling faults threw the morning rush hour commute into choas

 Credits: Potential delay on North-South Line; commuters advised to plan ahead: SMRT

CR 7 in town!

Darn i wish i was there to see this handsome little boy (droolzzz).

Wish he had done a fan greeting or something. Really pays to be rich and connected. 

Feeling a little left out as a average citizen in Singapore. But hey! whats new? This has been the case for loads of people. The rich getting richer, poor getting poorer. Income gap widening. 

Wonder what kind of world we will be leaving to the next few generations. 

Still back to topic…..CR7……o yeah….

SINGAPORE – The quiet, unassuming lobby of Thomson Medical Centre turned into a hive of activity early on Friday morning (July 21), although those who turned up were not there to see a doctor Rather, they were patiently waiting to catch a glimpse of… Credits: Cristiano Ronaldo sparks fan frenzy in Singapore

End of the Lee Saga?

Well this could finally be the end of the story. Personally i wished that the Lee siblings would reveal more as they had mentioned there are more information that had been held back.

How one is to interpret the whole saga is really up to themselves. Personally it just brings to light what most of us already know but dare not mention much in public.


SINGAPORE – Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's siblings said on Thursday (July 6) they welcome his offer to manage their disagreement away from the public eye, and they would stop posting on social media “provided that we and our father's wish are not… Credits: Lee siblings welcome PM’s offer to settle dispute in private

More land release in Singapore for Housing?

Does seem like the property price easing in Singapore is not going to stop anytime soon. At least not by the wishes of the government in Singapore.

Perhaps it is an attempt to continue boosting the flagging economy in Singapore by propping up the construction sector?

We can't be sure where the market would move in the near future.

SINGAPORE – The Government announced on Thursday (June 29) the second half 2017 Government Land Sales (GLS) Programme, which comprises six Confirmed List sites and 10 Reserve List sites. These sites can yield up to 8,125 private residential units and 83,590… Credits: Government increases supply of land for housing for second half of the year

Ageing population and Singapore

Not something new. Which is why our goverment in Singapore keeps increasing the influx of “foreign talent” at the ire of the locals.

We have to admit that they have been over doing it a little as not only has the labour influx been used to combat the ageing population issue, it has also been used to spur the GDP growth in Singapore.

Still this is an issue many goverment in Asia has to deal with. Balancing work, life and family. Part of the reason for the falling birth rate has to do with the high standard of living causing the locals to focus more on their career in order to sustain their daily life which in turn affects their financial and time planning when it comes to their family planning. 

This creates a very vicious cycle that keeps going on creating a population deficit for the country.

So rather than just relying on the import of manpower from overseas perhaps the goverment should work on the base of the cause.

just by looking at

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you can see the steep climb in property price which affects the basic need of shelter for any human. Yet there is no easy solution right now as it also links to our wealth growth.

The International Monetary Fund called on Asian economies to learn from Japan's experience and act early to cope with rapidly ageing populations, warning that parts of the region risk “getting old before becoming rich.” Credits: IMF warns Asia to act early on rapidly-ageing population

Subtle yet strong message regarding the next Singapore Presidential Election.

Can't really deny it can they? Shots fired by Mr Tan Cheng Bock. Still waiting for the reply from the ruling party. 

This is something we all already know but yet nothing much was said as the candidate it affects most have not spoken up much since. Yet finally the can of worms is finally opened with a very tactful statement. Perhaps Trump can learn a little of “thinking before you speak” from Mr Tan Cheng Bock.

Not much said. Subtle yet strong message meant to bring across the message to the ruling party without offending them. I am loving this guy even more and if should he be able to run for president i am definately voting for him.


SINGAPORE – Former presidential candidate Tan Cheng Bock, who said he disagreed with the Attorney-General's Chambers' (AGC) advice on when to trigger a reserved presidential election, has called on the Government to apply for a court review on the… Credits: Tan Cheng Bock questions timing of reserved election for president

Singapore Budget 2017: 4 things families need to know!

It pays to be informed. Know more of your privileges and preparations this year!

Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat has just announced Singapore Budget 2017, and we decode what it means for families. Also, do check out our infographic, which we hope, will help in understanding this year’s budget for families a lot better.


Families who are first- time home buyers will receive more CPF Housing Grants if they opt for HDB resale flats.

Families buying 4-room flats or smaller from the resale market will get a CPF Housing Grant of $50,000 (up from $30,000). Those purchasing 5-room flats or bigger from the resale market stand to get a CPF Housing grant of $40,000.

Please note that these changes take place with immediate effect.

This means that maximum amount of housing grants available for resale flats has gone up to $110,000, if you consider the Additional CPF Housing Grant (AHG) and Proximity Housing Grant (PHG).

(The AHG gives applicants up to $40,000, for those whose combined incomes are $5,000 and below, while the PHG gives a further $20,000 for those who live near their parents.)


The Government plans to increase the total capacity of centre-based infant care to 8,000 by year 2020, up from the current 4,000. This is to meet growing demand, considering that both parents work these days, and many are reluctant to leave their babies at the hands of a maid.


In a move to encourage students to study more, bursaries for students attending post-secondary education institutions like junior college or ITE has been increased.

Undergraduate students stand to get up to $400 more, diploma students gain up to $350 more, and ITE students up to $200 more. The income eligibility criteria to receive such bursaries will also be revised, and about 12,000 more Singapore students are expected to benefit from this move.


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House Hunt Guide

There are mistakes that are cost a little. And then there are mistakes that cost a lot! Buying a piece of property is a financial commitment that can be a smart move or a deadly one.


Singapore Expats Directory - House Hunt GuideSingapore Expats Directory - House Hunt GuideSingapore Expats Directory - House Hunt Guide

When a foreigner is in Singapore, he or she might face difficulty finding an apartment, very much of a time is when you can’t decide on the location, and you don’t know what’s best for your family and yourself. Here are some useful hints you will need ask yourself before taking further action. For further assistance, we have our friendly consultants who can help you look for that perfect home.

Budget – How much am I allocating for my housing in Singapore? It is a personal lease or my company paying? How much should the maximum be? Give yourself a flexible range like $3,000- $6,000, so you will not find yourself being stuck in a situation where you are not able to find a place with a firm budget, in an area or apartment that you like.

Budgeting yourself will also evaluate which are the areas and apartments are suitable for you. If you have a budget of $5,000 a month for rental, you can get an apartment of about 1,000 sq ft to 1,300 sq ft. (Also much depending on the district). If you have $15,000 a month budget, you can rent a spacious luxurious apartment with facilities such as swimming pool, tennis courts and gym or even a landed home with a private swimming pool. If you have a budget of $18,000 – $30,000, you can rent a first class …


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How to Get a Work Permit or Visa for Singapore

Here are some essential facts you should know about Singapore if you are planning to work in this place.


Working in a foreign country requires a work permit or visa. In Singapore, your monthly salary determines whether you need to apply for an Employment Pass or a Work Visa. Employment Passes are meant for professionals who make more than $2,800 a month and Work Visas for those who make less than that amount. Employment Passes are further divided into “P” and “Q” qualifications. “P” passes are designed for professionals who make at least $4,000, while those who make between $2,800 and $4,000 will receive a “Q” classification.


Complete and sign a copy of Form 8 (Employment Pass Application Form). This document is available online on Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower website (see Resources). The form takes about a half-hour to complete and requires signatures from the applicant and the applicant’s employer or sponsor. The sponsor company’s stamp or seal is also required on the application forms. Make three copies of Form 8.


Submit the completed application forms, along with a copy of the information page of your passport and your diploma or educational certificates. Annex A on Form 8 lists other copied documents that need to be included with the application form. These documents are subject to the type of job you’ll be performing in Singapore or the need for Dependent Passes. The application can be submitted to the Singapore Immigration and Registration office or any Ministry of Manpower approved SignPost location.


Pay the required administration fees when submitting your application. Additional fees must be paid after the assessment phase.


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Consumer more satisfied with F&b sector? got to be a joke


Having worked in the F&B industry in the past (and i am really proud of my time there), i do personally feel that the service standard have dropped. 

Just a few days back i was at the airport to send off and the experience was not the most pleasing during the check in. First, the face of the staff at the desk seems to be unhappy. Throughout the whole check out process, it felt like no one smiled at all. Secondly, i saw a lady asking the counter staff for information regarding the check in timing. The staff whom was busy doing her nail care did not even bother to look at the customer (seems like the nail care is way more important) nor did she seem to have the ability to speak. All she did was stand up point at a board with the timing and said “you can't see”.

With such service being displayed i am appalled. 

SINGAPORE – Consumers were more satisfied with the food and beverage (F&B) sector in the third quarter, with the ability of service staff to meet special requests, explain menu items, as well as the order-taking process cited as important in driving… Credits: Consumers more satisfied with F&B, tourism sectors