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How To Tell If Your Child Has Head Lice

If your kid comes home complaining of an extremely itchy scalp, inspect it right away. This could be the warning signs of head lice.Remember that this isn’t a question of hygiene but that they transfer due to contact.

When you became a parent, you probably never imagined yourself hunting for lice in your child’s hair. But that’s just what you (or someone) will have to do if you suspect that your child is infested.

When the bad news comes from a school

Many schools do regular lice checks during the school year, examining every child’s head. If they find lice, they’ll let you know. Be sure to do your own checking, though, to confirm their finding.



You may instead get a note warning that someone in your child’s class or school has lice. That’s your signal to check your own child’s head. It’s best to do this as soon as possible, because the sooner you find the lice, the easier they are to handle. And if you do find lice, you’ll need to check (and possibly treat) the whole family.

How to inspect your child’s head

The sesame-seed-size creatures and their teeny-tiny eggs are quite hard to spot. To find out whether you need to take action, try the following two- to three-step process.

If you can’t spot them via a visual inspection (step 2), try wet combing (step 3). A 2009 study in the Archives of Dermatology found that “wet-combing” accurately identified active head lice infestations in 90 percent of cases. In contrast, visual inspections accurately identified 29 percent.

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10 Cocktails for Your Thanksgiving Table

From foods to beverages, what exactly do you need to throw the perfect Thanksgiving party? With the turkey sitting pretty alright, there are more to treat the taste-buds of your friends and folks. Get some Thanksgiving cocktail recipe ideas here.

We don’t know about you, but drinking beer with Thanksgiving dinner never quite felt right. Don’t get us wrong, we’ll happily do it, but we’ll do it with a slight guilt. There was already so much time spent on the dinner, what’s another fifteen minutes or so for batch mixing cocktails? Plus, let’s be honest here, it’s unlikely that you were the one who cooked everything, so coming prepared to make drinks is a great way for you to contribute to the night’s proceedings. These are a few cocktails to keep you and yours going with a healthy buzz this Thanksgiving.



Earl Grey Apple Cider

Few drinks are more characteristic of fall than tea or apple cider. In fact, apple cider, both hard and not, was so common in cocktails for this season that it was harder to find drinks that didn’t include cider. We tried to limit ourselves to only a few, but we could easily run a cider cocktail feature as a followup to this one. Which, now that we think about it, isn’t a terrible idea.

Anyway, the Earl Grey Apple Cider cocktail’s pretty straightforward, but does have some ingredients that aren’t there in the name. Mix tea, hard apple cider, lemon juice, and vanilla extract, then garnish with a lemon. The recipe wants you to cool it down with some ice when you’re shaking everything together and that’s all well and good, but we’re betting this would be a pretty good hot drink as well. It gives you some good options. If Thanksgiving is warm, serve it cold. If it’s cooler, leave the tea hot and put the drink in a teapot. Getting drunk with mugs is always fun.

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How to Host a BIG Backyard Gathering

A really great way to bring friends and family together to enjoy the great outdoors is to host a backyard gathering. The planning phase is perhaps the most important part of designing the backyard and coming up with something that is going to be great for everyone that is visiting.



Today, while wandering the homestead in a t-shirt with a cup of coffee in hand, I discovered my rhubarb and ramps have sprouted up from the ground.

The kids dug out a Frisbee from the garden shed and dashed around the soggy yard, obviously invigorated by the warm winds. Spring has arrived! It’s time to start planning the many ways we will take advantage of the glorious warm weather.

If you’re anything like me, your mind turns to outdoor entertaining just as soon as the last hunk of ice melts into a puddle on the deck.

The upcoming months hold many opportunities for celebration from a Mother’s Day brunch to a wedding shower lunch, but today I want to talk about throwing a BIG backyard party. The sunup to sundown kind of event, where more people pass through your garden gate then you usually see in an entire month. The kind of party you only throw once in your life – unless you thrive on this sort of thing, of course.

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14 Gifts To Give Children That Are NOT Toys

It is indeed a fact that children love to receive several presents because opening gifts just simply provide them excitement and happiness. But I think gifts which are not considered as toys are more beneficial to their growth and well-being. Check out these 14 gifts!

Not all gifts are created equal, and with the saturated toy market providing an endless number of new options almost daily, it’s easy to forget there is more to your child’s life than having the biggest toy collection.

Here are 14 gift options to consider if you’re tired of picking up pieces from the latest Lego set or action series.

1. Art supplies

(C) eBay

(C) eBay

Whether a child is a blossoming Da Vinci or just likes to have fun with a paintbrush and some bright colors, art supplies offer a world of activities that can help improve fine motor skills, creative thinking and the ability to complete a project from start to finish.

2. Books

With more and more interest in online gaming and other social media activities, it’s hard to get kids interested in books. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

Take a trip to a bookstore and let your child browse the stacks to see what interests them. Or, set up a wish list on your Amazon account and let them create their own list of desired titles.

3. Cooking lessons

One of the most important skills every person needs to know is how to feed themselves.

Cooking classes are a great way to give your child these lifelong skills. Knowing how to cook also gives your child a fun activity that they can later show off to the rest of the family.

4. Cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are some of the most versatile items your kids can get their hands on, and they’re fun for kids at any age.

They’re not something you would give as a birthday gift, but boxes are a great impromptu “just because” item. Your kids can decorate them, make bedroom furniture like a nightstand, turn them into make-believe rocket ships or use them as an art canvas.

Best of all, they’re basically free.

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10 Ways Millennial Parents Are Told They’re Failing Their Kids, & Why They’re All Wrong

Millennial parents really raise their kids differently as compared in the past. Thanks to our addiction in social medias and gadgets which played a big influence on how we raise our family. However there are good and bad effects to this. Are you raising your kid the right way? Find out how!

Every generation of parent has heard how previous parents “used to do things.” As times change, so do parenting choices, and Millennial moms are parenting differently than their parents, just like their parents were different than theirs, and so on and so forth. It’s not a new story, but it’s one that never seems to be less annoying.

(C) Pinterest

(C) Pinterest

To be fair, the differences between the majority of Millennials (in the most generalized, non-specific way possible) and generations past feels massive. Maybe that’s because it is massive, or maybe it’s because we’re the first generation to be able to self-contextualize in real time because of the Internet (and articles, uh, just like this one). Maybe we just feel so different as a generation, and as parents, because we’re broadly more aware of ourselves and people’s feelings about us. Parenting looks different in 2016, and because of those differences, parents are hearing that they’re “doing it all wrong.”

Change is tough. I can understand that. And because parenting is so difficult and is filled with such doubt, we all want to be validated in our choices. We want to feel like we’re doing the best thing (or have done the best things) for our kids, whether we’re a brand new parent or a great-great grandparent. That being true, being criticized by other parents of previous generations is less about how new parents choose to raise their children, and more about the very real, very unrelenting fear that other parents didn’t do it the “right” way or the “best” way. (Or maybe they really just do think we’re screwing it all up. It’s fine. We’re worried that we are too.)

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Is Work Affecting How Well You Connect with Your Spouse?

Poor communication skills are a massive contributory factor to marriages breaking down. This is especially true when you add in all the distractions that life throws at us each and every day especially if both of you are working. How will you strengthened your communication as a married couple?

Once the kids are in bed you flop down next to your spouse and ask, “How was your day?” They reply, “Good.” They may go into detail or they may not. You may forget that you even asked the question while zoning out.

This person that you’re building a life with is pretty important. You know that. But after a long work day, getting the kids bathed and in bed, plus cleaning up the house a bit, your left with little energy to connect with your spouse. The same goes for them, too. You love each other, but you’re working parents. You’re exhausted.



Regardless of your energy levels you need each other. You’re in this life together until death do you part. So to help strengthen your bond here are six ways you can connect with your spouse regardless of how exhausted you are from your quadruple workload.

1. Ask Open-Ended Questions to Invoke Conversation

A close-ended question will result in a one-word response like “Okay” or “Fine”. We may use it as a warm-up for an in-depth conversation we’d like to start but instead, skip it. Get straight to the point and don’t waste your time and energy.

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Wireless Security Camera System

Among the diverse security products, wireless security cameras are among the hottest items. Chosen for a number of reasons the cameras have opened up new possibilities for creating progressive security systems at home or work area.

Putting in a home wireless security camera system is an investment that could pay off many times its worth. Giving security against thieves, reassurance and safety is nearly impossible to set a price by keeping your valuables safe.


Wireless security camera functions by sending a video signal to a receiver by way of transmitter in the camera. It is possible to connect the receiver to a personal computer, TV, VCR, etc. There are no need for wires between the camera and receiver. You will be able to put the receiver anywhere from 700 feet entirely up to 10 miles from your wireless camera; again this depends on the unit and model you buy. The receiver is able to permeate through objects like: walls, glass, wood, plastic, fiberglass and even some metals.

Wireless camera systems include a few options. This option is Infrared LED light that can provide a wireless camera system with an outdoor camera system and night vision which facilitates a security camera to withstand the elements. Camera software also endow with the wireless security network with the capability to outlook its video feed distantly, while the users are out or on the subway and a lot more.

If linked into a television or computer, the live feed on the security camera may be instantly recorded to the DVD, cassette and hard drive depends on which is far more convenient.

The quality of the images may vary from camera to camera because it depends on variables like compression ratios and images stored per second. The manufacturers of wireless security cameras use various compression standards and ratios.

Right now, a home wireless security camera system is actually less expensive solution than ever. It’s not going to leave a gap in your wallet. A professional system will surely cost many times compared to what a wireless system cost. The home wireless security camera system is the least expensive of all types, and it gives you plenty of options to pick from. This mean that you could place the device even in hard to reach places, and it can be program to feed the surveillance over the internet.

Whether you decided to go with a wired or wireless security camera, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your belongings are protected or your employees are doing its job as they need to.

Choosing a Clothesline

Image result for portable clothesline

(c) Bunnings

It is quite common for individuals to use driers within the washing machine to dry clothes. Even though this is an extremely effective method, the cost of electricity bill becomes a bit heavy. Everyone can definitely avoid this and that is when retractable clothesline comes into play. Precisely why people prefer driers is that they work well. In fact, they were introduced so that people may dry their clothes even during the rainy seasons when drying clothes outside is impossible.

Considering the life style of an individual, as well as the place of living and washing clothes regularity, need to for a person to put up these products in proper places. Probably the most offering feature of an outdoor clothesline would be that the installation is extremely easy and simple. Just like you consider various things before selecting any product, there are few items to remember while buying these products.

This is probably the very first thing that a person needs to check. You can utilize numerous alternatives which includes retractable ones that an individual can utilize as and when necessary. Probably the most preferred types is the umbrella style. Even a simple line between two poles is something well liked and easy to use. Seek out all of the available choices before actually buying.

Take into account the amount of space for your use, in which you can hang your family clothesline. Get an umbrella style clothes line. This enables you to ensure maximum and most efficient utilization of space at your disposal. Plus, they have the tiniest carbon footprint and if you have a large family, then this is possibly what you need.

The average load of laundry makes use of about 50 feet of line. Simply multiply it times the number of loads you typically wash in a day to figure the ideal clothesline size. Determine the amount of laundry to dry to figure out the right one for your requirements.

If moving your clothesline about is a thing that you are trying to do, then you should certainly get the umbrella style of clotheslines given that they can be simply moved from one place to another. Portability is a consideration for when weather is changing frequently in your area.

Finally, individuals ought to evaluate the cost of these products since these often vary. If purchasing online, they must remember that the prices are different on several websites. Compare the prices and go forth the one which suits the budget.

Regardless of what type of home, apartment of condo you’ve got, you can find a clothesline that can provide what you need. Nothing beats clothes that have been dried in the fresh air on a clothesline. It genuinely helps you to bring a bit of sunshine in your home.

Infrared Security Cameras – Surveillance at It’s Best


Safety and security is definitely essential but it is much more essential in nighttime and low to no light conditions. When it comes to safeguarding your home and the property it sits on, an infrared security camera will offer any homeowner peace of mind. This type of camera provides clear pictures of its viewing range regardless of the time of day or night. This is the ideal solution for securing areas that are dimly lit or that have no light at all.

Infrared energy is light that is in an invisible range of the electromagnetic spectrum. With infrared technology, a camera has the capacity to record images with no aid of a visible light source. Opt for the variety that’s ideal in your place.

When thinking of buying an infrared security camera, simplicity of use and functionality ought to be two basics. The kind of camera you’ll need depends on where you’ll be using it. No matter what your reason is, make sure you go into the features so that you will know what to consider when you purchase your cameras.

If you are considering setting up the camera outside the bullet styled one is the best option as these cameras work like radar guns and may cover a broader area and can be also put to use in a parking lot.

On the contrary, dome type cameras are unobtrusive and small in size. These are mainly used in stores and malls for security purposes. They are installed on the ceiling causing them to be unnoticeable. They could rotate 360 degrees and so are considered indoor cameras. The essential technology found in infrared security cameras is thermal imaging. On this technology, no light is required to identify the object as objects are detected by the heat they release.

Infrared cameras have their own built-in light supply in the form of LEDs round the camera lens. Therefore, no auxiliary lights are necessary. These cameras monitor the light levels via a photo cell, and switch on the LED lights when it is dark. Photos drawn in dark conditions, even with a color camera, happen to be in black and white, because this mode creates the best images under low light and no light conditions. When you use the same camera in the daylight, it takes color photos.

Last but not least, make sure to also consider looking for a wireless infrared security camera that offers more ease of use. Yet, when buying these cameras be sure to remember that you pick the best lens as only then you could get clear and precise pictures.

Tips and Tricks on How to Choose a Hair Dryer

Not every one of us are given with silky smooth and beautiful hair. The rest of us with frizzy, unruly, dry and fly away hair will undoubtedly need to count on technology beauties like the hair dryer. When looking for a new hair dryer, there are lots of things to consider. Read some ideas below to come up with the best option.


1. In choosing a hair dryer that is right for the type hair, it will always boils down to the wattage of the dryer. The greater the wattage is, the stronger the dryer’s air flow and heat. You will be wasting precious time waiting on a weak hair dryer. Dryer should be at least 1,750 watts. Thicker hair will require from 1,900 to 2,000 watts to get the quickest drying time. Together with wattage, consideration must be made for the heat/speed settings that happen to be included with the dryer.

2. Another consideration when searching for hairdryers is to determine the type of your hair. Is it fine, coarse or damaged? If you have very curly hair, it will be good if you buy a hair dryer with a diffuser. This will make heat drying your curly hair easier and more even. If your hair dryer does not have a diffuser, you can buy a diffuser attachment.

3. Be on the lookout for dryers with multiple settings on heat and speed. The perfect ones have 4-6 settings for each aspect. It is always better to get one with cold shot settings so you can change the temperature and deliver premium salon-like results. A lot of professionals also suggest that dryers with multi-speed settings are best so you can control the pressure of heat that goes through your delicate locks.

4. The weight of the hair dryer is another thing to look at. Make certain you can handle the weight in order that it won’t drain you while you do your hair.

5. Monitor the price tag. Cheap dryers just have a very few options that can be used and can wear down quite quickly. Furthermore, they could actually damage hair as most do not have the proper speed or heat controls or attachments. Without these features, these dryers could scorch your hair. Salon-quality dryers utilize ceramic heating, which radiate heat and push water off hair as opposed to heating up your hair strand. Most ceramic curling irons and flat irons are the styling tool preferred by salon professionals. They may be pricey however it is no doubt to protect your hair more.

The same as acquiring other devices, you must take into account several factors once you plan to purchase a hair dryer. Be sure that it is powerful enough to dry your hair faster when it’s needed done in no time. It should also live up to the type of hair you’ve got. This consists of its heat settings. It should be flexible to a level that suits you. Its weight matters too. It should not wear you down when drying your hair or else you not be willing to finish your hair. Furthermore, understand the price you are willing to pay. Ensure that you will have a good bargain without compromising its quality.