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Dryer Vent Cleaning Is Important!

Dryer vent cleaning removes the lint that seems to get past the lint screen in your dryer. If they are not removed, this lint can build up over and clog your dryer vents. When the lint gets stuck in dryer vents, this turns into a very a critical safety issue.”
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that there are 15,000 clothes dryer fires annually. The result of these fires are material losses, injuries and death. Fires can happen when lint accumulates in the dryer or perhaps in the exhaust duct. Lint may block the air flow, cause too much heat build-up, and lead to a fire in some dryers.

Excess lint in vents and the dryer block air flow, resulting in dryers to overheat. And the lint itself acts as tinder, permitting the fire to spread quickly. A study by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) found out that “failure to clean” is by far the number-one factor in dryer fires. The CPSC suggests cleaning the dryer vent, the area around the dryer, and also the inside of the dryer, where unseen lint can accumulate near the motor, belts and burners.

To prevent dangerous and inefficient build up, it is recommended that you clean your dryer’s ducts once a year or when you suspect a problem. Done right, it isn’t a difficult procedure. It requires unplugging the dryer, disconnecting the exhaust tube from both the unit and also the wall and cleaning out both the tube as well as the in-wall duct with a vacuum and a dryer brush.

If you’re not handy with appliances, or have concerns about properly disconnecting and reconnecting the dryer equipment, you could employ a professional service to clean your dryer vent ducts for you. Look around and get various estimates, as the price for duct cleaning can range from $50 to more than $200, determined by what services are offered.

If you choose to clean the ducts yourself, make sure you use the correct tools. A strong vacuum cleaner like a shop-vac is going to do a lot of the work, but you will also need to utilize a specialized dryer brush or auger with a flexible pole that can reach around corners inside the wall. You will also likely need some attachments for your vacuum and power drill.

The Hygienic Home uses only eco-friendly cleaning techniques and productsan essential consideration in the laundry room, says Krentzman. “You don’t want to introduce any volatile chemicals throughout the cleaning process,” he says. “They leave residual odors that clothes can pick up in the laundry cycle.”

Having your vent system cleaned will give you and your family peace of mind safety wise but it’ll also help you save a considerable amount of money every month on your utility bills! So now you can see the overall importance of good dryer vent maintenance.. Be safe and God bless!

The Benefits of Choosing a Column Radiator

When contemplating the heating of your home, the column radiator is always an ideal choice Column radiators have been around since time in memorial, it’s becoming impossible to replace them hence one can only make developments on them.”

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The column radiators are practical, easy to locate, lightweight and have a classic look. They give a number of benefits over other types as well as the option to install horizontal or vertical means they are extremely versatile in terms of finding the best location to put them in the home. Furthermore, a number of these radiators may have 2 or 3 columns that will increase the surface area for better heat distribution.

Here are a handful of of the most pleasing advantages of the column radiators:

Easily replace old radiators

The unit are offered to look like originals, in order that if the home is older and you want to keep the design as close to what it was before you are able to keep the look the same with the new higher efficiency units. The materials now available may also help with your decorative ideas.

Practical for rooms with high ceilings

The new styles can now sit close to the floor, or on legs of varying height so that they can radiate the heat above furniture that could be sitting in front of them. Many could be added onto in order that the number of columns may be customized and the area that they will heat can be increased or decreased, this customization permits a great deal of versatility with only a small change in cost.

Horizontal and vertical designs

There are lots of people who will choose to get these radiators due to their amazing suitability to any kind of situation. As a result, remember the fact that column radiators are suitable for both horizontal and vertical installations. As an example, some firms will supply your radiators with bracket which allow them to be mounted on walls. You can also plumb them in to the pipes that you have at home.

Designer options

The most welcoming aspect of designer systems is that they are stylishly spruced up for the most engaging appearance so that you will fall in love with the design instantly you see it. You’ll be able to update your home décor and give an aesthetic taste with the right items. For that you need to select the right items in order to ensure that the radiator design complement the look of your room.

Upgrade with extra features

A fantastic extra feature to have on the radiator is the thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) that has the ability to switch the unit on and off to regulate the room temperature. This feature is sure to help manage the heat in the house more efficiently and avoid wasting energy when a room is already at an accepted level of warmth.

Tips For Designing a Small Kitchen

If you have a small kitchen, there is only so much you can do with it. It appears as though pretty much everything that you add your kitchen actually makes it look just ten times smaller.”

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When you have a small kitchen, there is only so much that you can do with it. It appears as though pretty much everything that you add your kitchen actually causes it to be look just ten times smaller! Today we are going to cover some of the top small kitchen design ideas that can actually make your small kitchen appear bigger. Also, these are great ideas that can make your small kitchen look less junked up with stuff too.

1. Paint the walls with bright colors

Shadows and dark corners must be avoided when it comes to selecting your interior design kitchen. If your space is painted brightly, it will appear larger. It’s also possible to make the ceilings look taller by avoiding the hanging pendant type lights.

2. Open up the window and maximize the lighting

Sufficient lighting will make your small kitchen appear bigger. If your kitchen already has a large window, do not cover it with a curtain. Take out the curtain to let in more natural light. It is possible to use a mini blind with narrow slats to ensure you can cover the window at night or when no one’s at home. If your kitchen doesn’t have a large window, compensate with good lighting. Under cabinet or under counter lighting can help make the illusion of more space.

3. Get rid of clutter and mess

Tend not to leave things lying around your kitchen, keep the kitchen mess free. Just put the necessary utensils or appliances on the counter top. You ought to store the rest in the cabinet or cupboard. By minimizing clutter at eye level, your kitchen area can look and feel larger than it actually is.

4. Create more storage

Storage is definitely a important element of a kitchen. Whether your kitchen is small or large storage is needed. One of the biggest issues in small kitchens comes with storage. A gallery kitchen design can be helpful as the cabinets and appliances line up at one side of the kitchen providing a huge space to put other furniture and decorations. Installation of deep counters may also help in providing more work space and cater to more appliances.

5. Opt for compact kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances these days are available in various sizes and designs. Manufacturers have come up with space-saving appliances to produce small kitchen design easier. Smaller appliances just like microwave may be hung underneath cabinets to saving space.

These are the just the basic small kitchen design ideas. It is possible to try this advice and use your own creativity to make your small kitchen appear large and attractive. Best of luck!

Protect yourself and your loved ones with personal alarm

Personal protection is really a need for everyone these days. While there is the police force to defend us, the crime rate has increased to such an extent which the authorities can’t be present everywhere at all times.”

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Robbers usually seek for helpless and defenseless victims which are more frequently the children, women and the elderly. Such persons should bring something to protect them or something that will give warning to the people around them that they’re in danger. Personal alarms are a great device fro self defense and there are several options available which you are able to choose from.

Should you be out and about on your own and are suddenly attacked, a personal safety alarm will shock and disorientate your attacker giving you the chance to get away. To be able to activate the device you simply need to remove a pin or push a button. It is advised to not hold the alarm too close to your ear although, in a time of crisis, it does not matter because you will be ready for the noise but not the attacker. Most personal alarms can only be heard within a distance of 70m .

The current market makes a wide range of personal alarms that can come in a number of size and shapes and have numerous features. More often than not, personal alarms are small and handy enabling you to take it around with you wherever you go. This can be also discreet, therefore you do not draw any attention to yourself even when you have it. It could fit right into your pocket or around your wrist. Some alarms also provide multiple functions.

There are also alarms especially made for children. These safety personal alarms come in form of a flashlight. In accordance with some manufacturing claims, this type of unit is designed for the alarm to give off a bright beam of light for added attention. Generally, flashlight child safety personal alarms measure 2.5 inches by 1.25 inches, and they are battery powered. Furthermore, some other type are small canisters, pressurized with an inert gas.

Among the best things about personal alarms is that it can be utilized by anyone and everybody. There is absolutely no age restriction for this self defense product and you will find no laws which regulate the distribution. Even young children can keep themselves guarded with this handy device. As it is user friendly and isn’t harmful there is absolutely no worrying about being detained for possessing this. You are able to use them anywhere you go, whether inside or outside of

Do not be the victim of crime! Always have a Personal Alarm with you all the time. Teach your young ones when and how to utilize them. You could be sorry if you don’t.

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Air Purifier for Mold: Learn How it Kills the Fungus

“Mold can be very tricky and difficult to remove, and having an air purifier in each room of your home can help tremendously. Mold air purifiers are an easy and cost effective way to capture & kill the fungi. They filter mold spores and eliminate them from the air.”

Scrubbing the Mold on Tile with a Brush

What is Mold?

Individual, microscopic mold spores are constantly moving through the air and are completely invisible, making them difficult to capture even with an air purifier. Mold in the home may lead to many serious health problems, and many people aren’t aware that mold is growing in their homes.

Mold is a microscopic fungi that grows on host surfaces. This includes places like food (e.g. a loaf of bread) or inside a musty kitchen pantry. When you look at green mold on an old slice of sandwich bread, you are actually looking at hundreds of clustered molds. Each mold spore combines to create one organism, which is what becomes visible to the naked eye. This is why it is easy to overlook mold when it is in its “un-clustered” state. Individual, microscopic mold spores are constantly moving through the air and are completely invisible, making them difficult, but not impossible, for mold air purifiers to capture…

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10 Cocktails for Your Thanksgiving Table

“From foods to beverages, what exactly do you need to throw the perfect Thanksgiving party? With the turkey sitting pretty alright, there are more to treat the taste-buds of your friends and folks. Get some Thanksgiving cocktail recipe ideas here.”


We don’t know about you, but drinking beer with Thanksgiving dinner never quite felt right. Don’t get us wrong, we’ll happily do it, but we’ll do it with a slight guilt. There was already so much time spent on the dinner, what’s another fifteen minutes or so for batch mixing cocktails? Plus, let’s be honest here, it’s unlikely that you were the one who cooked everything, so coming prepared to make drinks is a great way for you to contribute to the night’s proceedings. These are a few cocktails to keep you and yours going with a healthy buzz this Thanksgiving.

Earl Grey Apple Cider

Few drinks are more characteristic of fall than tea or apple cider. In fact, apple cider, both hard and not, was so common in cocktails for this season that it was harder to find drinks that didn’t include cider. We tried to limit ourselves to only a few, but we could easily run a cider cocktail feature as a followup to this one. Which, now that we think about it, isn’t a terrible idea.

Anyway, the Earl Grey Apple Cider cocktail’s pretty straightforward, but does have some ingredients that aren’t there in the name. Mix tea, hard apple cider, lemon juice, and vanilla extract, then garnish with a lemon. The recipe wants you to cool it down with some ice when you’re shaking everything together and that’s all well and good, but we’re betting this would be a pretty good hot drink as well. It gives you some good options. If Thanksgiving is warm, serve it cold. If it’s cooler, leave the tea hot and put the drink in a teapot. Getting drunk with mugs is always fun.

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How to Host a BIG Backyard Gathering

“A really great way to bring friends and family together to enjoy the great outdoors is to host a backyard gathering. The planning phase is perhaps the most important part of designing the backyard and coming up with something that is going to be great for everyone that is visiting.”


Today, while wandering the homestead in a t-shirt with a cup of coffee in hand, I discovered my rhubarb and ramps have sprouted up from the ground.

The kids dug out a Frisbee from the garden shed and dashed around the soggy yard, obviously invigorated by the warm winds. Spring has arrived! It’s time to start planning the many ways we will take advantage of the glorious warm weather.

If you’re anything like me, your mind turns to outdoor entertaining just as soon as the last hunk of ice melts into a puddle on the deck.

The upcoming months hold many opportunities for celebration from a Mother’s Day brunch to a wedding shower lunch, but today I want to talk about throwing a BIG backyard party. The sunup to sundown kind of event, where more people pass through your garden gate then you usually see in an entire month. The kind of party you only throw once in your life – unless you thrive on this sort of thing, of course.



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11 Housekeeping Mistakes We All Seem To Be Making

“Cleaning mistakes, we’ve all had a few. But there are some that people can’t quite seem to learn from. One part habit, another part misinformation, these are the most common cleaning mistakes we encounter in people’s homes.”

Common Household Mistakes

There’s a lot to know when it comes to running a household! Between washing dishes, doing laundry, cleaning and maintaining appliances, and a thousand other things that need to get done, it’s easy to just rush through things without considering if there’s a better way. I’ve found that a lot of the time there is a better way to do something, and that making even little adjustments to your routine can end up saving you a significant amount of time, effort, and/or money!

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Reduce Your Home’s Stormwater Runoff

“Water also flows more quickly over concrete and other hard surfaces than it does over soil. That can increase the severity and frequency of flooding and soil eroding from river banks. This polluted runoff also flows more quickly over impervious surfaces than it does over soil.”

The water that flows off of your landscape when it rains or when accumulated snow melts is often referred to as stormwater runoff. As it washes across your land and down storm grates or into nearby bodies of water, runoff can carry away soil, chemical lawn treatments, and debris.

This runoff not only erodes your landscape and frustrates attempts to treat your lawn, but it can also pollute the local water supplies on which you and your neighbors rely. Some yards are so prone to runoff that very little water actually makes it into the soil itself, making it difficult to adequately nourish grass and other plants…


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Expert Tips for Selecting the Perfect Wallpaper You’re Sure to Love

“The best part of buying wallpaper online is the drastic price savings. That means you can get the high-quality designs you love, and more of them, all while staying within budget. You’ll also have money left over to renovate other areas of your home.”

Woman hanging wallpaper

Once the road less taken, wallpapering has become increasingly common for the everyday homeowner. But if you’re new to the world of wallpaper, you’re probably wondering: What’s the best way to maneuver through the seemingly endless selections to best express your individuality? And once you have the perfect rolls in hand, where should you go from there?