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Designing Your Master Bedroom Using These Best Ideas

The master bedroom is the area considered as the most sacred and essential part of the residence because it is the sanctuary in which the masters, which certainly you and your partner, stay. Due to its value, it needs to have that good design, relaxation and usefulness in comparison to the other parts of the home. This process really should not be difficult since you and your significant other can have fun with designing and modifying your own room.”

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The foremost objective of the master bedroom is to provide haven and comfort to the owners of the property. This is why it is important to have that personal touch and involvement in developing the masters bedroom. As a result of the significance of this area, it is worthy of the best care by maintaining it the best designed and well-tended portion of the house. And interestingly, your spouse is just one most effective tool to begin carrying out the improvement of the design of your master bedroom.

There are actually tremendously countless ideas for master bedroom designs that you could choose from so it may not get complicated which type should be decided on. On this case, considering the following factors will assist when beginningthe master bedroom design you must have:

A. Designs and patternsjust like in any other interior portions of your home, your master bedroom deserves having the best design and pattern. Specify the mood in your room. Designs and patterns when applied appropriately will let you get that sophisticated and comforting room. Calm patterns, ordinary yet unique, unflustered artwork, and toned qualities of the master bedroom design can make it the very best destination for both of you.

B. Bedroom color – the walls and the ceiling must be painted with colours that should match with everything in the room. Consider what type of mood, the shades could bring inside to you and your partner. You can select vibrant, calming, basic colors that would add to drama and luxury feel of the master bedroom.

C. Furniture piecesobtain only the furniture which are important in the room so that it is not going to pile up in your room and you will still have good enough space to move without restraint. Since you’re gonna harmonize the furniture, be certain that you’re picking those that will mix well with the chosen paint colors on the walls and ceiling. In addition to furniture, small things like mementos, decors, lamps, and other household items should be picked with care. Just bear in mind to incorporate all the pieces with each other in a unified way.

D. Window treatmentthis is often amongst the last aspects in developing the room. Whether in need of romantic ambiance, blinds to control sunlight or window treatments to secure your privacy, it is possible to personally style your bedroom windows. Window treatments put softness and privacy and are an excellent way to fully convey your personal style therefore it must taken with much value when completing the overall appearance of your bedroom.

Eclair – Yummy!

I din't know there is so much more to eclair flavours than choclate and vanilla. Was at leclair after reading this article from today newspaper. The meal was really on the low side of cost but still it was really interesting to try something new. 

You can visit them at 190 Clemenceau Avenue which is Singapore Shopping centre.

For sweet tooth eaters like me, below is the link to the newspaper article i saw:

Who would have thought that the humble eclair once available in less than a handful of flavours – more often than not in chocolate, coffee and vanilla – would go on to inspire a global revolution of sorts? One can credit French pastry chef Christophe Adam. Credits: Why eclairs are all the rage in Singapore

Iphone 6s Seriously?


Another review on the iphone 6S. So far it still seems like it is the usual few.
Better camera
Better processors
Well better everything.
Seriously? i dont get the whole hype on this iphone stuff. People are just paying 1k plus each and every year for a minor upgrade from a iphone 6 to 6s.
No go for me. I rather use that money for my vacation.
Yes, the Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus look the same as last year. But make no mistake, these are not the same phones. They have better cameras (both front and rear), faster processors, improved fingerprint scanners, oh and only the single biggest improvement to the touchscreen since its creation.

 Credits: Apple iPhone 6s & 6s Plus review: You think you know them, but you don't

Toilets and Bidets

The bidet was discovered on the 1700s and later progressed in numerous kinds. Like other things there are various types of them and getting to know the different sorts will allow you to determine which one you’d like. For many households, the bidet is number one when it comes to keeping good hygiene standards in the bathroom.


Toilets are designed to resist corrosion along with the yellowing stains that may occur overtime. With regards to the type of material used in toilets, they are usually wood, plastic and urea formeldeyde. Among these materials, the plastic ones are the most in-demand toilet seat as they are very durable and usually more cost effective. You will still find other types in the market that allows you to select the best one for your bathroom’s design.

Toilet bowls come in either round or elongated types. Elongated seats usually are about 2 ” longer, and offer more surface area, making the toilet a bit more comfy compared to the round variety. Round toilets are smaller, and better for small areas. If you have the space for it, however, you might appreciate the convenience of an elongated bowl. For the height, the inch taller toilet is often much more comfortable for a few than the regular ones.

In earlier times, bidets were the entire rave as they were said to be cleaner and more advanced than other types of cleaning. Yet over the past 50 years their popularity has reduced. It is not until recently that bidets made a comeback, and more and more house owners are using bidets as a clean and sanitary substitute.

Taking factors just like style, height, size and a lot more into account will make your first bidet purchase a much easier experience. Understanding beforehand what shape your toilet is will let you get the perfect bidet to suit your needs. There are different shapes and only certain bidets will fit on every shape. Also having a budget and sticking with it will help you in choosing the appropriate bidet since there are many out there that are really expensive that has the same features with the cheaper ones. Knowing first what you look for will help you decide what type to have.

Avoid Being Ripped Off by Phony Locksmiths


You and many individuals that might have contacted a locksmith when keys were locked in the car or perhaps a home door lock stopped working sometimes has unwittingly been the victim of a phony locksmith. As you may be lured to call up the nearest or the readily available one, the question is how can you avoid getting swindled by scammers if you ever need a locksmith in emergency situation?

To avoid falling for scam when choosing a locksmith service from a telephone book – or from the internet – you will need to be cautious. Several “local” companies are not local at all! These scam artists comes in an unmarked vehicle, do a poor job, and overcharge you.

Locksmiths should be willing to show you their identification and proper papers. Together checking the identification, you should also have a business card and check to be sure the names match. Nearly all emergency locksmiths will arrive at your location in a clearly marked business vehicle. The logo and business name need to be professionally painted on the side. Otherwise, you’ll need to be more cautious.

Insurance coverage is a must for any locksmith; in this line of work it is not very difficult to damage somebody’s property, and the insurance can help cover the cost of any destruction of your property. In many areas, locksmiths will also be required to be licensed before operating on anyone’s property. In United States, some states require a locksmith to be licensed.

One frequent scam fake locksmiths use is offering a replacement lock after somewhat damaging the lock they’re attempting to open. The replacement lock is normally of bad quality and they charge too much for installing and replacing. Prior to any job commences, ask for a quotation (over the phone). Are there extra charge you will have to pay, for example for an emergency service? Always ask: “What exactly is the total cost going to be when the job is done?”. Request a written estimation. When the estimate he gives you when he arrives does not match up the one he gave you over the telephone, find another locksmith!

Con locksmiths typically market with low-cost prices. They can take apart the lock then come up with hidden charges for the job. The customer is now forced to pay up or leave their house or business without a working lock. You should know the standard rate for these services so that you’ll have an idea if the quote is significantly low or too high.

Roof Leaks: What Causes Them

Just because your roof is leaking doesn’t always indicate there’s a hole inside it. There are numerous other causes of leaking roofs maybe which you ought to address. By looking at particular weather conditions when your roofing project will help you to stop most roof leaks, in addition to save you considerable expense.

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Below issues are some of the common causes of roofing leaks:

Flashing – It is a thin strip of metal which is used to cover the seam on the roof is called a flashing. Quite often, the leaks start whenever there the flashing is corroded or broken. At the points of penetration of the vents and flues, flashing is present. Bad flashings are usually the cause of a roof leak. When possible, examine flashings and the chimney area for any signs of an issue. In addition, check any points where an antenna or satellite dish connects inside the home.

Weather Exposure – Your homes roof gets no break from the elements, it’s on duty protecting your house. 24-7 and for all four seasons your roof sits. Roofing paper could be dried out in sun. The sun also can result in the tar to running and sagging, all of these effects all deteriorate your roof. It may start to crack and split as it becomes more brittle. Additionally, the windblown rain may result in severe issues. Angled rain gets pushed underneath your roof coverings causing water to get in places you wouldn’t like it.

Blocked gutters – Simple home maintenance can stop this issue in its tracks. Prior to the rainy or winter season ensure to clear leaves as well as other debris which has piled up over time in your gutters. All of this debris collects in your gutters then it clogs them.

The bottom line is that consistent, routine maintenance and roof repair is quite low-cost compared to big fixes. Keeping up with maintenance of your roof can stop leaks. This maintenance work must be done correctly and to a high standard. Make use of a respected roof specialist to finish quality work for you. Rest easy realizing you have made good decisions about your roof work and you will not have leaks for a long time to come. If you’re not maintaining your roof regularly then might you soon face issue of leakage. Roof repair is the best approach to keep your home secure from any leakage and don’t try to fix complicated leakages all on your own. Likewise constant care of roof is less expensive than major repair.

Refrigerator Buying Guide

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It’s never easy buying a new appliance, right? Shopping for a brand new refrigerator could be a complicated experience. There are numerous models to pick from in addition to all the different brands, styles, even colors. Where do you start? This article will help you make a better choice in getting a refrigerator.

Just how much space do you need? You should think about your certain space needs like the size of the family. In case you have a family of four, you may need at least a 20.0 cubic foot fridge. Or probably you can think about how will your family grow, or reduce. Do you have a baby on the way or elderly parents transferring or perhaps a child sent to college? Each of these factors is things to consider when choosing on a refrigerator. Consider that most refrigerators last about 10 years, therefore factor in how your family will be growing or shrinking over that time period in order that you do not have to keep buying new refrigerators.

Refrigerators have different features you have to be aware of to be able to choose the most effective and practical for your family. A number of features of refrigerators are automatic defrosting, ice maker, water filter system, water and ice dispenser and many more. In many modern refrigerators, these features could be easily found. However with increased features, price may also increase. It is therefore important to remember what’s just applicable and necessary at your home or in the area where the fridge will be placed. You might not need to have all these functions so you need to check your options.

Different refrigerators come with different style. You can see a side by side refrigerator which is built with two doors that open outward at the center. It is usually split into two, with the freezer located at the narrower side. It often ranges from 28 to 34 inches in width and depth, and 66 to 69 inches in height. You can also find a Freezer-on-top refrigerator which is the most typical type of refrigerator, where the freezer is located at the top of the refrigerator.

Another important factor that you need to consider when you buy a fridge is the price. The price range is basically the amount that you are prepared to spend on your new refrigerator. This would lead you to search for either expensive high-end or cheaper normal refrigerator. Never go for the cheapest one due to the fact in the end, the maintenance cost is going to be more than what you paid for. The best thing to do is to find which brand has the best price based on the feature and other aspects that you want.

These are the factors that you should consider when purchasing your refrigerator. When deciding on your purchase, you ought not to be afraid of haggling to get the best price. Taking some time reading other pointers will help you making the best option.

Tips for Home Security

Are you securing your home as much as possible? Make sure that your priorities in order. It is wise to think about the things a thief would consider–your goal is deterrence. The best home security measure is an untested one that simply frightens thieves off before they have a chance to attack. Having said that, run through some of the major points of home security before you consider anything else.

•    Maintain the habit of closing and checking all your doors and windows when you leave the house. Even upper story windows can pose a possible home security threat as clever and agile burglars will find a way to get to them. And keep away tools which will make their plans easier for them.


•    Do not ever forget about outdoor lighting! As with landscaping, visibility should be considered always. Never let shadows collect, particularly not near any of your exterior entry ways. Motion detecting lights can save power and spook would-be intruders.

•    Keep in mind deadbolt. As far as keeping your home safe, this is one of the most essential tools. Devote in one that goes all the way to the door frame, and don’t forget to put it to use every single time you leave the house. Otherwise, what’s the point of having it set up?

•    Are your door frames reinforced? This could not sound like a big problem, but you may think twice if someone ever kicks your door in. A reinforced frame is every bit as important as the correct kind of lock combination.

•    Put in alarms for smoke and glass to alert you within the home and when you’re away. This allows you to contact authorities promptly and when you’re at your workplace or away on a break.

•    Always make that lived-in appearance. Stop normal activities such as the mail or newspaper to ensure the most effective home security. These items pile up after some time and are a telltale sign of the home being unoccupied. In reality, thieves look for these signs when planning their next break in.

•    Consider your landscaping. Lots of people get the idea that more trees and bushes are a great thing but actually it’s an easy method of entry offering concealment – fenced-in or hedged back yards, rear or side doors/windows fully or partly shielded from view by fences, screened patios, shrubs, sheds, basement window wells. Keep any big shrubbery well pruned to improve visibility around your property and get rid of any possible hiding places for possible thieves

Whenever you leave your home especially for long weekends or holidays, record your property. You could list and take photos of all your valuable items, recording serial numbers on large valuables. Store all this information off-site so that in case of theft, you’ll have a record of your entire home.

Choosing Your New Shower Cubicles

Lots of households can have at least one main bathroom, a growing number of newer houses now have en suite bathrooms connected to the master suite as well. On these bathrooms we most often have the usual Bath, Toilet and sink, a big percentage also have a shower whether it be one that is over the bath with a shower curtain or a shower cubicle. Shower cubicles now have with main styles which can be found in square/oblong, quadrant, d-shape, and the pentagonal showers.


•    D-Shaped Shower Cubicle

A D-shaped shower enclosure could be positioned in any home. As long as you have a single wall that a cubicle can be mounted on then this structure is undoubtedly for you. The wall of the shower enclosure is completely rounded from wall to wall. The shower door may either be hinged or sliding. It is the most sophisticated of shower enclosures you will come across with its chic design and feel when opening it up.

•    Square Shower Cubicle

This shower cubicle appears like a typical shower you have seen in many people’s bathroom. In addition, this could be the most frequent and normal style of shower cubicle, it features a large space inside and can be either fitted in a corner against 2 walls or set into a recess in the wall, so you would only see the door to get in. Such a shower cubicle features doors that slide or swing open. If you require a large shower and have a lot of wall space, this shower could possibly be great for you. The walls will normally be either glass or some sort of plastic UPVC etc.

•    Quadrant Shower Cubicle

A quadrant cubicle is made to squeeze into the corner of any bathroom. In order for it to be installed correctly calls for 2 walls for attachment. The front side of the quadrant cubicle is rounded and over hangs out from the two walls it is attached as well. The type of shower doors that can be set up on such a enclosure is a hinged shower door or a sliding shower door. The style of this shower seems to be very fashionable and is highly regarded amongst the trend setters.

•    Pentagonal Shaped Shower Enclosure

This shower cubicle style is a great blend of size and style. With the five-sided shape, this shower cubicle maximizes space, but also looks good. The pentagonal shower has doors that slide or swing open. If you like a large shower, yet still desire a bit of style in your bathroom, then this is the shower for you.

When you’re looking for a brand new shower enclosure, it is very important which you ensure that you do your research. Think about all your options and the bathroom space you have available, and in the end you ought to be able to choose a shower enclosure that fits your life and your sense of style.

How To Ensure Safety in Your Bathroom

Combining water, electrical outlets, and slippery feet together – and you’ve got a recipe for disaster in the bathroom. Every year, tens of thousands of people are sent to the hospital with injuries which have happened in their own bathroom, most of which might have been avoided. Here are some products and tips to stop such accidents.


Shower Baskets

Putting in a shower basket is among the easiest ways to prevent slipping in the shower. Once the shampoos, soaps, razors and other shower goods are on the shower floor, you are more likely to slip on these things and to trip over them. Placing them high up, in shower baskets, makes sure that the soap just isn’t below your feet and that your items are all secure and organized.

Slip Flooring

A lot of today’s latest flooring for the bath don’t become slippery when wet. There are also several choices for no slip bathmats, both in and out of the tub. Yet, it is important that further care is taken, mainly because these products just help minimize falls; they just don’t totally prevent falls.

Tub seats

Tub seats are also a great safety feature in the bathroom. One of the best things about tub seats is that they are detachable; hence they do not have to be left in the shower if multiple people make use of the shower. The portable seats, chairs, or benches ensure relaxing in the bathtub easier since there is no need to sit on the bathtub floor that may be harder to get up from. You can select from inside-the-tub chairs which have backs to give comfort or you can choose an inside/outside transfer bench with flexible legs.

Shower Grab Bars

This is essentially the most vital items which you can set up to prevent a fall in the shower. Grab bars or handles helps give support for those who have issues keeping their balance or keep somebody from falling. Usually, these are installed with just a few screws or with powerful suction cups. It’s totally essential that these are installed the right way and securely or it could cause serious damage if it comes loose.

A Final Thought or Two

Bathroom safety is very important especially when there are children and elderly around. Educate your family about dangers in the bathroom. Make sure everyone in your household is vigilant against the possible potential issues in the bathroom. Understanding why we all have to observe bathroom safety tips can guarantee the cooperation of the whole household in keeping our bathrooms accident-free.