Bet You Didn’t Know: You Can Wash these 25 Things in the Dishwasher

“A dishwasher is one of the greatest gifts your kitchen can give you. No more scrubbing those heavy pots and pans. Dishwashers cut your clean-up time in half, making chores effortless. However, if your dishwasher is just cleaning your dishes it is not living up to its full potential. Along with dishes there are many other super dirty things that your dishwasher will clean and shine for you. ¬†Learn about all of the items in your home that your dishwasher can sanitize and deodorize.”

Get ready! You’re about to have 25 clean things with just the push of a dishwasher button. You know you’re dying to see what you’ve been hand-washing when you didn’t have to. Read on for the full list.

  • plastic kids’ toys
  • (small) trash bins or lids
  • the rotating tray from your microwave
  • shower caddy
  • scummy soap dish
  • dirty sponges
  • household vent/light switch covers
  • vacuum attachments
  • shoes/rain boots

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