Bathroom Showers

Showers were used for many longs years already and is one the vital bathroom fixture in every home. Having said that, it can be difficult to pick the best one or the most suitable for your home because there are already a lot of choices to pick from. To be guided in your decision, here is quick introduction to each kind.


I.    Manual Shower Mixers

The hose and spray on this type of shower are coupled with a bath mixer tap, and the temperature may be altered through the bath taps. It is a cost effective solution and no extra plumbing is required. Could be fitted on mains fed or gravity fed systems, so long as the pressure from the hot and the cold water arrive from a source undertaking at the identical pressure – otherwise, a pressure balanced mixer valve need to be attached.

II.    Bath/Shower Mixers

To put it simply, a bath/shower mixer is a bath tap with a shower attachment. Found on free standing baths, the hose and spray are joined with a mixer tap. The water temperature is realigned through the taps, and what’s great about bath/shower mixers are that they don’t require any additional plumbing, so they are certainly cost effective. When you have a smaller bathroom (and for that reason do not have space for a physical shower independent of a bath) then this is a great option. Even though remember, these types of showers typically do not offer great water pressure – and it can often be tricky to get the temperature the way in which you desire it.

III.    Thermostatic Mixers

The hose and spray on this shower type are a section of the wall unit and the hot and cold water supplies are connected to a single valve here too. It really is complete with a built-in stabilizer to self-adjust the water temperature and also to stop it from becoming too hot. One of the biggest benefits of a thermostatic mixer shower type includes convenient temperature control. Yet, it’s the most expensive of the different mixer selections.

IV.    Electric Showers

An electric shower is plumbed right into a mains cold water supply and it also heats the water electrically. The unit allows the temperature and pressure to get changed via a knob. Models with temperature stabilizers be more effective as they remain unaffected by other taps elsewhere in use within the household. It must be placed on its own circuit and not spurred from any other connections or equipment.

V.    Power Showers

The product is like a thermostatic mixer shower in that it brings together cold and hot feeds, but it does so by utilizing an integral pump – therefore, the requirement for a power source. It supplies a fantastic shower experience with a great deal of water pumped out. Even so it can be a high-priced fitting, as plumbing & electrics will also be important.