Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Privacy

Your home is your refuge. This is the place where you can have your privacy and a personal space. That is why a lot design their home in a way that they are secluded and free from the prying eyes of the neighbors. Thus, the best to achieve that without neglecting the aesthetic appeal is to style the landscape to create a private retreat for your family.



Decorative and useful hardscape pieces and plantings soften the lines of a towering fence.

  • Simple detailing, including a wide cap piece, breaks up an otherwise overwhelming facade on an extra-tall fence.
  • Hung on the fence, a decorative latticework sculpture serves as an outdoor-ready, artistic element.
  • A low stone bench, with river rock collected on top and at the base, offers an additional seating spot.
  • Near the base of the fence, lights provide a safety element and ambience for nighttime gatherings.
  • Groundcover and a midheight tree soften the geometric lines of the paved seating area.


A stripped-down fence and airy plants offer subtle screening from neighbors.

  •  Two oversize urns planted with rhododendrons mark the transition from public face to private space.
  • The open latticework fence offers a discrete but unmistakable barrier; bright green paint and wood framing gives it distinctive character.
  • Double doors are a steadfast signal of a secluded area; the latticework details and wood inserts neatly complement the contrasting fence pieces.
  • Lacy, branching trees gracefully arch up and over the fence for a soft, protective canopy.
  • A wispy groundcover of sweet woodruff softens the space between gravel pathway and fence.


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