Ask a Designer: How Do I Choose Art for a Gallery Wall?

Choosing the right art for home is actually a dilemma for those who aren’t really into paintings or you don’t have an eye for art. Yes, putting something in your wall could actually make an impact but it would also be great if you have an idea what you’re going to place in it.


Q: I love seeing all of the gallery walls that you use in your design work. How do I go about selecting art? —Marilyn J.

A: Marilyn, it’s interesting that the gallery wall is becoming one of the trademarks of my designs. I’ve always leaned towards a “collected aesthetic,” so a lushly displayed gallery wall (also called salon-style) certainly helps to give any space a strong sense of history.

As with anything that you’re acquiring over time, there needs to be some kind of “connective tissue” to make any collection feel more intentional. Here are a few of my “go-to” ideas for making gallery walls hang together:

1. Subject Matter
Whether you want to work with botanicals or family photos, if you can bring together various images of a similar subject you’re well on your way to creating something beautiful.

2. Framing Styles
You can mix all manner of art medium (photography, drawings, etc.) as well as varying subject matter if you use a matching frame style to bring everything together. Personally, I tend to be a little bolder in mixing frame styles as well. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by options you can always keep things simpler and work with …


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