Ageing population and Singapore

Not something new. Which is why our goverment in Singapore keeps increasing the influx of “foreign talent” at the ire of the locals.

We have to admit that they have been over doing it a little as not only has the labour influx been used to combat the ageing population issue, it has also been used to spur the GDP growth in Singapore.

Still this is an issue many goverment in Asia has to deal with. Balancing work, life and family. Part of the reason for the falling birth rate has to do with the high standard of living causing the locals to focus more on their career in order to sustain their daily life which in turn affects their financial and time planning when it comes to their family planning. 

This creates a very vicious cycle that keeps going on creating a population deficit for the country.

So rather than just relying on the import of manpower from overseas perhaps the goverment should work on the base of the cause.

just by looking at

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you can see the steep climb in property price which affects the basic need of shelter for any human. Yet there is no easy solution right now as it also links to our wealth growth.

The International Monetary Fund called on Asian economies to learn from Japan's experience and act early to cope with rapidly ageing populations, warning that parts of the region risk “getting old before becoming rich.” Credits: IMF warns Asia to act early on rapidly-ageing population