Adding a Bidet to Your Bathroom

The bidet was discovered on the 1700s and later advanced in a variety of kinds. Like anything else there are numerous types of them and having to be familiar with the different types will help you determine which one you would like. For a lot of households, the bidet is number one with regards to having good hygiene standards in the bathroom.

Toilets are designed to resist deterioration along with the yellowing stains which can appear as time pass. In relation to the kind of material used in toilets, they are usually wood, plastic and urea formaldehyde. Among these materials, the plastic ones are definitely the most well-known toilet seat as they are very sturdy and usually more cost effective. There are still other types in the market that lets you to pick out the best one for your bathroom’s design.


A toilet comes in many different shapes and heights. A number of them include round and elongated. Some bidets only fit particular toilets so before purchasing your bidet you ought to check out to find out which kind of toilet you have and which bidets are works with it. In addition there are toilets that are 1 piece and 2 pieces. The 1 piece toilet has tank and the seat as 1 peace while the 2 piece toilet has them separated. The height can also differ a little that would impact its ease and comfort.

In earlier times, lots of countries have only been utilizing toilet paper but when bidets popularized, it came up as the best alternative. As the bidet got increasingly popular and due to advancements of technology, variations of bidets were created. It became a major fixture in the bathroom to keep good and hygiene standards.

Once you hear of the bidet you typically hear of the bidet that is mounted on the toilet, but there is another type of bidet. This bidet is a hose that hangs next to your toilet. With the handhold bidet comes better control. Because the hose just isn’t attached to the toilet it is possible to maneuver it in any manner you would like. But the bidet connected toilet is way cheaper and space-saving compared to separate one. It’s the type of bidet that will not need a lot of space because it’s installed on the toilet. This is far more convenient too since you don’t need to transfer to a different fixture to wash yourself.

Taking factors such as style, height, size and much more into consideration could make your first bidet purchase a less difficult experience. Figuring out first what shape your toilet is can assist you obtain the perfect bidet to suit your needs. There are different shapes and only certain bidets will fit on each shape. Additionally having a budget and adhering to it will help you in choosing the right bidet since there are many out there that are really expensive that has the same features with the cheaper ones. Knowing in advance what you look for will assist you to decide what type to obtain.