A Guide to Bedroom Lighting Design

“Bedroom lighting can come in a variety of styles, designs and functions. Whatever it is that you have chosen, you should always take into priority the convenience and purpose of lighting in the very first place.”


To design the bedroom lighting, you need to realize that bedroom is more than simply slumber. Bedroom lighting have to meet various requirements. A probable bedroom lighting design should lift the atmosphere and make the room gentle, relaxing, serene and romantic. On the other hand, bedroom lighting should be suited for other activities other than sleeping, such as dressing and reading. Dark bedrooms are perfect for sleeping, but not enough for other activities taking place there.

To light your bedroom perfectly, Lighting EVER offers you the following tips:

Master Suit

  • The main lighting should be relaxing and gentle. You could use more than one light source to build the main lighting.
  • Add more bright light to dresser and wardrobe to make you more comfortable when dress up yourself. Besides, don’t forget that the bedsides require more light as well, thus you could read in bed.
  • You could use a couple of soft light bulb to highlight unique objects as you want.
  • Use dimmable ceiling light, so that you could adjust the brightness to your taste or mood.

Recommendation: LED bulb, LED spotlight, LED colour changing bulbs, floor lamp, table lamp, etc.

Main suit


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