8 Things in Your House That Are Stressing You Out

We have all had our share of stress and sometimes it happens inside of our homes. A cluttered home is not inviting for anyone, and of course, it does not make a good home. . But don’t worry, there is a way to get organized now and rid yourself of clutter once and for all.

Your home is an extension of yourself. It’s an extension of your personality, your partnerships and, of course, your style. But you already know this, right? What may surprise you, though, is that our homes wield the power to affect our personality, our partnerships and yes, even our style.

(C) PopSugar

(C) PopSugar

Enter: environmental stressors. These are the things in your space, hiding in plain sight, that will leave you feeling uneasy, unhappy and/or uninspired. And seriously, who has time for any of that? Keep reading to find out what you have lying around that’s making life less fun, plus how to bring back the balance.

The Obvious

The #1 cause of stress in your space right now? Clutter. It’s defined as, “a collection of things lying about in an untidy mass.” It’s everything you own out of its proper place — thing-a-ma-bobs here and several whatchamacallits there. This environment leads to overstimulation and feeling defeated. Our solution? Invest in a cohesive, functional and non-transparent (!!!) organization system to store the plethora of things in your space. Out of sight, out of mind, yet totally in zen.

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