4 Wall Decorating Ideas


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You’ve looked around your own home, and something isn’t really sitting well with you. You feel that it is missing out on that particular thing, and it is looking a bit dull and even out of date. Though there are many actions to take to improve the look of your space, one of the least difficult, fastest, and most economical tasks to try is adorning your walls. Whether you use paint, stencils or wallpaper, there are lots of approaches to improve your walls while still sticking to your home decorating budget.

a)    Use Stencils
Stenciling your walls is a budget friendly undertaking which can be done yourself. Stenciling enables you to make your own personalized touch to your wall space and put you in control of the size, shape and theme of your project. The local arts and crafts supply store will have a good selection of designs but browsing on line will give you almost an infinite source of selections. Just simply make sure that the theme you’re looking at will complement the style of your room.

b)    Paint an Accent Wall
Just as what you have always wanted, you’d like something to pop out in your house or in one of your rooms. If decorations aren’t in your considerations, then accent wall is great for you. Accent wall are wall painted in a different way among the others. Which means, instead of painting the entire room with one tone, you’ll make an exception to one and paint it with a deeper shade or a complementary color. Using color as a focus is often very effective but when you exaggerate or overwhelm with striking colors, then your house would be a big eye sore. Go with a solid wall that does not have windows or any openings for greater impact and set your furniture piece just like your sofa against it, making it your central point room design.

c)    Use Textured Wallpaper
Painting the house with plain colors is regarded sometimes as passé as there are already different interior decorating methods that are popular not just for homes but also in businesses. Such as the textured wallpapers. Trying a bold and textured wallpaper on some of those walls is really a sure faster way of adding some spice and depth for your senses. You’d like your eyes to possess a wide selection of exciting, attractive details to check out without getting too messed up.

d)    Choose One Wall to Fill with Art or Mirrors
There are other methods to cover a wall rather than just using paint or wallpaper. Instead of hanging artwork and mirrors sporadically surrounding the walls, why don’t you choose one wall to house them all? It’s been a go-to trend for wall decor for several years already, and it is a look that probably won’t be vanishing any time soon. If you are planning to beautify with art, make an effort to stay with items which are similar in theme, and with colors that complement each other, and change up the sizes of each piece. When using mirrors, use ones with different frames and sizes to create a piece of art without any paint!