37 Ceiling Trim And Molding Ideas To Bring Vintage Chic

Choosing designs for molding can change the entire look of your interior design. I bookmarked this article since I saw lots of amazing designs that can be used for future remodeling of our home. You can also check this out especially to those who love vintage chic designs.

Making an accent or even a statement is possible in various ways: with wall décor, with cool floors, colorful furniture but the ceilings are often forgotten. A bold ceiling can totally change the space and create an ambience, highlight your room décor and inspire! Today I’d like to share a type of ceilings that really create an atmosphere in any space, and these are molding ceilings.

What Is Molding?

Molding, or moulding, is a strip of material with various profiles used to cover transitions between surfaces or for decoration. It is traditionally made from solid milled wood or plaster, but may be made from plastic or reformed wood. Molding has been used in ceiling décor for centuries, especially in classical refined interiors – the palaces of French Kings are a gorgeous example of such moldings. Today molding is used only for decorative purposes, and it matches almost any interior: a bathroom, a dining room, a living room, a kitchen or a bedroom.

Refined Vintage And Modern Molding

Molding makes any space look refined and chic, it makes a subtle accent that can match a lot of styles. If there’s some antique-styled molding remained, don’t remove it, it can easily fit a modern, vintage, retro, girlish or just refined interior. If it’s not of the same style, you’ll just create a contrast, I admire such spaces with vintage ceiling molding and modern furniture with a couple of colorful accents. There exist also modern types of molding, geometric ones or simple lines, they will help you to make an accent without looking too much or contrasting between modern and vintage.

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