36 Modern Entrance Design Ideas for Your Home

A grand entrance is often the best way to make an impression. Having a pleasing atmosphere welcoming your guests and even you when you get home from work is very beneficial. Does your home inspire, motivate, and welcome your guests?

(C) Pinterest

(C) Pinterest

If you are one of those folks who loves everything about home decoration then this is just for you! Today we are talking about entrance design. Well, isn’t the entrance first thing everyone notices while walking into your house? That’s the reason people go for dramatic house entrance ideas, beautify their driveways, pay attention to their lawns and what not. With modern interior decoration taking the world by storm, today we give you 36 modern front entrance ideas that will surely impress one and all.

Impressive Ideas For Decorating Hallways

Hallways are that part of the house that people often overlook while doing up their homes. Though the hallway is that part of the house where you spend less time but the thing is that it is the first place a visitor has to face while entering into your “home sweet home”. You can apply your own creativity to come up with unique ideas for decorating hallways. Go for a lovely color and texture of the hallway wall. As the space is usually small the idea is to keep it simple; remember less is more! Decorate the hallway with your family pictures or nice quotes, or beautiful artwork. You can decorate with a shining chandelier and some flowers along the wall too.

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