21 Ways To Save On Your Grocery Bill

“Shopping is just like cleaning house, it’s something we all need to do. Unless you’re one of those individuals with a live in house keeper. For whatever is left for us, shopping for food is an unavoidable truth. A costly unavoidable truth. Coupon clipping can help some but it helps find other ways to save money too. Tips like buying in bulk and buying in season will end up saving you a bundle. Tips on how to tell if food is ripe/overripe and how to store it properly will help stretch your stash out.”

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Feeding yourself and your family can be really expensive. A tight budget shouldn’t mean that you can’t eat well though. There are many things you can do that will help save some money on food. The more you do these things, the more you will reap the results. Some things cost more money upfront but save over the long run and some are instant money savers.

1. Buy In Season

To save the most money, buy mostly produce that is in season in your area. You’ll save money and enjoy better-tasting foods. This handy guide not only tells you when it is in season, but how to cook it too!

2. Buy In Bulk

Buying things like grains and potatoes in bulk will save you money in the long run.

3. Know What To Look For

Sometimes buying fruits and vegetables is a guessing game. Is this ripe? Too ripe? This helpful guide can show you what optimal produce should look like. You’ll never buy an overripe melon again.

4. Ripen Up Produce

It can be super frustrating to buy things that won’t be ready to eat until next week. Learn how to store things to get them to ripen up fast here.

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